Apr 2, 2011

gmarket haul 1

Oooo, my first gmarket haul! Received somewhere around 20 january 2011.....
i only have time to update into the blog now....sigh.

The box arrived, i was excited, can't wait to rip it open!

The large parcel box:

The history of whoo whitening line:
This consists of cream cleanser, facial foam, brightening pack 13ml, whitening cream 10ml, and the balancing water and balancing lotion.

I also bought some sulwhasoo ginseng concentrated cream in 5ml small jars (6 of 'em)

Here are some of the free samples given by the sellers:

Ah hah, my first gmarket haul and am so happy about it, especially wanted to try the history of whoo whitening line after reading many many many no-fail success stories on how it can actually literally whiten and remove even the toughest of pigmentation/freckles and spots!!!
and it was reviewed somewhere (can't remember where)  in mere two weeks that u can actually see results!!

whoo hoo, can't wait can't wait to have clear clear skin!

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