Apr 3, 2011

Korean drama Tamra, the Island

Tamra the island!! Korean drama -can't get enough of Im Ju hwan.
 Such a cutie!

This little thing is such a cutie! sigh, blissfully gazing at him in Tamra's 16 episodes. It was too short a drama!

There's a westerner Pierre Deporte, in this drama as well.

All in all, i enjoyed the drama a lot (because of Im Ju hwan!) but the ending was poor! no explanation on many things. Things were left hanging in the air and the last episode was not good. What a spoiler! if not it would've won many many stars from me. It didn't drag  nor did it get boring at any point. I looked forward to watch every episode of it except the final episode.

There are many pretty and lovely beach and underwater scenes. It's a very refreshing drama especially with the beautiful scenery. You should watch it and not fast forward. The underwater scenes were pretty fascinating too. Some kissing scenes underwater !

Im Ju Hwan is soooo tall and the main actress, Seo Woo, is so short. It was comical when Im Ju Hwan forced a kiss on her standing up! he looked so awkwardly bent just so to reach her lips. I'm thinking that they must surely perform that scene several times for him to correctly reach her lips! Haha. Also , he had that precarious black hat on all the time, it must've taken him a while to get used to it without messing up his actions.

Conclusion: Nice, a good watch overall!


  1. Pierre Deporte in this drama?

  2. hi eve,

    yes that's right, eve.
    pretty good drama, give it go.