Apr 2, 2011

Must watch , My Princess

This is a must watch! but i'm rather biased because i'm in love.... with the main actor Song seung heun!

My oh my, this guy is so delicious, yum!

Some posters and pics of My Princess:

Starring Kim Tae Hee :

Lovely girl, but it's funny how i find that she looks so so so very much better in Iris than in My Princess? She actually looks a little run down and not so attractive in My Princess. But in Iris, she was very lovely.

My Prince:



The only gripe i have with this drama is the OST. The songs/music is a little lame and not very captivating. Much prefer secret garden's songs to this.

Song seung heun potrayed the romantic comedy character very well. He was cool, aristocratic but had that really really cute expression when he teases kim tae hee (like the scenes in the old vintage car), such heart melting cuteness....

Ahh, melting like soft swirly vanilla ice cream now...............sigh......
i actually finished the drama because of him. I only wanted to watch him , yeah, but it is a good drama and  enjoyable too. A must watch for romantic -comedy lovers.

Because of this drama and the fact that i fell in love with him here, i dug out his old drama "East of Eden" and poured through the whole draggy and long 56 episodes of it just to watch him. East of Eden is too draggy and too dramatic for me. i prefer light hearted comedy romance.
I'm so proud of myself for being able to last through the entire 56 episodes of East of Eden, much thanks to beloved Song Seung Heun.

conclusion: A must-not-be-missed drama! Especially if you're an SSH fan

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