Apr 22, 2011

Gmarket haul 4

umMy oh my, Gmarket is too addictive.
Better be warned that once you start you cannot stop! so if you want to save your $$, don't start going to gmarket! haha

Received this in late march 2011.................

Haul pics: huge gmarket box.

Aaargh, i was taxed in this frustrating!!! i guess you just can't run away.

It opens up to smaller boxes sealed and packed inside:

Got myself some Skin 79 Gold oriental plus items: concealer, bb cream, BB sunpact, total power cream, and last but not least total power cream. These are all rather cheap on gmarket so its worth a shot.

Next up, my beloved history of whoo gongjinhyang basic set and sum 37's 1102 extreme time control set.
Both of which are meant for anti-ageing (includes wrinkle control and firming up) and also its meant to be moisturising.
The gongjinhyang set: qi jin balancer , lotion, essence, eye cream, face cream (miniature sizes)
Sum 37 1102 extreme time control set: toner, lotion, youth activator essence, youth activator night cream, 1102 face cream (miniature sizes).................... can't wait can't wait to use and give my opinion!

Next up, secret key's strobe cream. It's supposed to be similar to MAC's strobe cream, giving off a shiny/dewy appearance. this acts like a make up base and has some hydrating function to it. It comes in a shiny white lotion texture.

Taken from secret key's official website, customer posted their reviews:

Also got O. series P (Penta serum) from MBskin. This is a serum for acne care, troubled skin, oily skin. Free EGF masks were given.

More whitening stuff. This time from Sum37: White award essence lotion, 2 small bottles of luminous treatement. The short round-ish tub on the left is History of Whoo's whitening intensive for freckles and pigmentation. Hope it works!

Also, Sum37's white radiance awards cream (4 small tubs in the plastic bag) and the blue tub with gold cap is my fave sum37's waterfull cream. This cream hydrates very well without being a burden.

Shue uemura's phyto-black lift cream in sample size, laurier mercier oil free tinted moisturiser in sample size, and estee lauder's double wear light sample size foundation in intensity 0.2 (this was unfortunately too yellow for me, but the coverage and texture is excellent).

Makeup forever's HD primer in sample size. Pretty good stuff.

A mixture of stuff: history of whoo's sleeping repair (gold pieces in plastic bag), coreana nokdu's peeling gel (RHS of the sleeping repair), history of whoo's bichup ja saeng essence (the bottom most), hannule's chae eum line toners (2 blue bottles). The rest are sample gifts.
The bichup ja saeng essence is reaaaally good. It clears up the complexion and gets rid of gunk in the skin. So this is a good option for troubled skin with acne/clogged pores etc.


  1. Good haul. May I know where you get your Sum37 white cream in small bottles?

  2. hi kooslee,

    but this seller can be a bit slow and may cancel orders too.