Apr 27, 2011

Korean drama - Coffee House


Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo

Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young

Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon (Remember her from Dream High? i think she's really good)

AAAArgggh! i actually really really liked this drama (episodes 1-8), but when the plot seem to drift more and more away from what i expected, i didn't have the heart to continue.....
What happened was, i thought the female lead was Ham Eun Jung because that was the way it was portrayed in the beginning episodes. So it would only be natural that the final romance would lead to the male lead, being Kang Ji Hwan, finally falling for the supposedly lead female, which i assumed was Ham Eun Jung.

Well, i must say , must say that the first few episodes were really really hilarious and i thought i hit another to- be- classified fave dramas! Ham Eun Jung is so clumsy and so adorably cute, and Kang Ji Hwan is such a good actor being an eccentric, bordering-on-craziness novel writer. Whoaa! the things that he would have her do as a secretary are so so so hiliarious. I could not stop watching! It really is that good! I was having lunch watching the episodes and i was laughing so hard all the food could not be swallowed.

But when the plot begin to steer heavily toward Park Si Yeon, i begin to get weary. Isn't Ham Eun Jung the female lead and that she would eventually be THE girl?? I then googled others' reviews on coffee house and found that Park Si Yeon is the female lead.  EEEEEwwwww, so i had to give up from episode 10 onwards.

I can't stand it that the male lead will be opting for Park Si Yeon while my beloved Ham Eun Jung will be shoved aside.

I would've given this drama 9 out of 10 points if it weren't for for Park Si Yeon.

what a bummer!

For those who are not as particular as i am on who gets the guy or who is the REAL female lead, give this drama a go, it's hilarious (the beginning).

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