Apr 3, 2011

Rambling on Sum 37's secret programming essence

Ever heard of Su:M 37?
Well it's another skin care brand in Korea not at all heard of over in this side of Asia.
I stumbled across it on you tube when i was looking up on Han Hyo Joo ( my fave korean actress). She's the ambassador for this skin care line. I had to try it because of Han Hyo Joo, cray isn't it?? HAHA, i know, i know, i'm a crazy little thing for Korean dramas.

Here's the website in Korean, there's no english :-(

Here's the very natural beauty with clear translucent skin, Han Hyo Joo:
pic comes from the su-m37 website

The popular item from this brand is the secret programming essence. It is a fermented essence just like SK II's infamous miracle water.
pic comes from the su-m37 website

So how does this compare to SK II's miracle water?

For me, this just applies to me, ya. I react very very badly to SK2's miracle water. i get huge cysts acne, and taut itchy skin! Haha, more like hell for me than miracle. I know many women have experienced literal miracle with this item, they claim it healed all their acne and makes their skin so soft, hydrated and smooth. But i get the total opposite. so i never dared to touch SK2 ever again.

how about Sum 37's secret Programming essence?

Ah ah ah, it's a wonder! Not a miracle but at least it is a wonder product for me. i had no reactions to it and in fact it makes my skin feel hydrated and quite soft. I like the scent and the liquid-like texture (comes with a little "slippery-ness") is easily absorbed in my skin. It doesn't break me out and it moisturises quite well. I've only been using for 2 weeks now and i must say my skin has calmed down a lot from being taut, dry and itchy.
It is not yet well hydrated but i hope with long term usage i can achieve glowing bouncy skin :-)

I think sensitive-skinned gals who did not like Sk2's miracle water should give this a go!

 i was using this in conjunction with sulwhasoo's concentrated ginseng cream and both calmed my itchy skin. I tried not using the secret essence and just the ginseng cream. My skin felt less hydrated and plumped. Yup, so the secret essence does contribute to healing my skin condition, yay.

Epilogue: Found something informative on secret programming essence, here is an exerpt:

"For those of you, like me, who had never heard of Su:m, here is a bit of background. It was launched in 2007 by the LG Household Corporation (they are better known in Korea as an electronics company that makes mobile phones and television) as a high-end premium line. From what I can tell, it is intended to rival SKll.
Su:m’s schtick is that it uses plant extracts that have been fermented. The story goes that  Su:m plant extracts are fermented for 3 years, using a technique developed in Japan that involves temperatures of 37°C (hence the name Su:m 37) for 1102 days, whist having music (genre not specified) played to them. Although this seemed phenomenally silly, I decided to check up on fermenting plant extracts and see if there is anything to it."
Please refer to this link for full review:

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