Apr 3, 2011

Gmarket haul 3

yikes, i got taxed on this haul!!!!!! how horrendous........... guess you can't escape.

Gmarket is too addictive......... this is a warning

Huge box from mr. postman: (received somewhere in mid March, but only updated now)

Little boxes sealed and packed individually:

What did i buy? well, here we have Dr MJ's sensitive skin item, being marigold flower therapy mist and aromatique marigold gel.  Marigold flowers have calming and soothing properties for easily inflamed/ irritated skin. My skin has been so irritated by the changing super dry heat and rain weather lately, so i definitely need something soothing.

Next up, i joined the asian snail cream frenzy! purchased korea brand secret key's snail essence set! the entire set of full sized items: toner, emulsion,essence, cream, eye cream, hydrogel masks!! It's super cheap as secret key is having a promotion now and items can get up to 40-50% off. Especially if you buy in sets, it's worth it.
Some freebies thrown in like samples of essences and cream and full sized tube of bb cream.

Heard of Sulwhasoo? Well, i think it is very well known brand in Korea and the products are practically used by all women in korea (i think!).
Check out their website in english:

Yup, so i didn't want to miss out. Let's see if i can achieve Hyun-Bin-type luminous dewy skin with these goodies, haha.
So what's here? All in sample sizes: Sulwhasoo's first care serum, balancing water, lotion, herblinic ampoules, renodgim cream, ginseng concentrated cream, extra refining cream.
Other non-sulwhasoo samples: we have history of whoo's secret court cream, ,sum 37's sweet smile sun cream and the rest are freebies from the sellers.

Closer look at history of whoo's secret court cream sample sizes:
this is like a balm and can be used for a number of skin concerns like eczema, dry skin, wrinkle improvement, anti ageing. Hmm, not sure is whitening is included. Oh, it can apparently be used on troubled skin like acne problems to heal acne!

Closer look at sulwhasoo's first care serum, balancing water and emulsion:
First care serum is meant to be used as the very first step in skin care routine before anything else , even before you toner. It will enhance the absorption benefits of the rest of the skin care products thereafter.

My favourite product, sum 37's secret programming essence in 12ml miniature size. More on this product in upcoming posts.

Closer look at sulwhasoo's extra refining cream, herblinic ampoules and concentrated ginseng cream.
I had such crackling dry skin that i needed to get something extra rich. So i thought the extra refining cream (more on sulwhasoo's product lines in upcoming posts) would be good. The renodigm cream is a sun cream and anti-wrinkle cream in 1. Also meant for drier skin types.
Concentrated ginseng cream is the star product of sulwhasoo and many women rave about it.

Sum 37's sweet smile mild suun bloc spf 39PA+++. I got this because it looks like a product for sensitive skin. I have such a difficult time looking for sunscreen for highly sensitive skin and all the sunscreens that i've tried made my skin react negatively. Hopefully this one is ok for me as i like sum 37 products.

Take a look at asian craze snail cream: Secret Key's snail cream is quite light and creamy. It contains EGF to firm and tighten skin, snail essence to heal acne and troubled skin and whiten skin! sounds too good to be true? Go look up snail cream on google and check out the highly raved snail mucus now!


  1. hi may i knw which gmarket seller did you get yr secret key haul from?? thks =) kerry

  2. hi, just search for "secret key" and you'll get it. the seller will have secret key labelled on its icon.

  3. hai I look for secret court cream right now, but I cant find it at gmarket. May I know the seller's name? thankyou for your help...

  4. hi merry, just search for "secret key" and you'll get it. the seller will have secret key labelled on its icon.