Apr 3, 2011

Ramblings on sulwhasoo korean skin care

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Never heard of Sulwhasoo? Neither have I. Over here we have so little exposure to the famous Korean brands in Korea itself. This Sulwhasoo is apparently really famous in Korea and all women in Korea have used or are using sulwhasoo's products one kind or another. If i'm wrong please correct me as i'm not too sure myself.
i can only say that it is a very popular renowned brand amongst Korean women.

It's considered a premium/luxury brand just like The History of Whoo (rambling here: This is under the umbrella of AmorePacific while the History of Whoo is under LG.

So what do they have? 

they also have make up lines and men's line which i didn't put up in the pic above. Go to their english website for more details:

What did i try out?
Basic line:

first care serum, toner, and emulsion. First care serum is meant to be used as the very first step before toner.
Guess what? i didn't like sulwhasoo. My skin reacted to these three products. I'm not sure which ingredient i'm not appeased with. I had sensitive reaction to it. The emulsion was too rich and it made me kinda oily.

Extra refining line:

Extra refining cream.
From the webbie: Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this luxuriously textured cream promotes youthful, healthy looking skin.

- Red Pine, grown in an unpolluted island located near the west coast of Korea, promotes firm, healthy, youthful looking skin.
- Envelopes the skin in nourishing botanicals to promote softness and vitality.

I thought since i had such dry skin lately i need something rich. Alas for me, this didn't turn out good. The scent was not pleasant. It was also hard to spread and it didn't absorb. It just sat on my skin heavily. Not good for me.

Special line:
I tried the renodigm dual care cream

From the website: Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide protects the skin from external heat and mume fruit extracts relieve internal heat to prevent aging. Korean Red Ginseng Saponin eliminates the scar of aging caused by heat and Hedyotis extracts prevent dullness to leave the skin lively and bright all day long.

It has SPf 30 PA++. In my quest for sunscreen for sensitive skin, i decided to try this out.
my verdict: Uhm, it's ok, a little oily and left my skin a little greasy. I don't like the texture and the "spreadability". So i will not repurchase this.

Concentrated Ginseng cream:

Ahh of all the sulwhasoo products, i love this! it's really a good cream.

From the website: Formulated with Korean medicinal Herbs, this revitalizing cream delivers nutrient-rich ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, depleted skin.

- Nutrient-rich extracts from the root and fruit of Korean Ginseng promote renewal and revitalize the skin from deep within. Membranous Milkvetch and White Mulberry strengthen skin's defense against signs of aging and restore clear, radiant skin.
- A luxurious textured cream promoting healthy looking skin while delivering nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin.

It moisturises my skin pretty well and makes it nice and soft. It also calms my skin and i don't feel itchy and dry with this on. The strong ginseng scent is nice and calming. I like it. However, at night, i have to layer another richer cream over to prevent dryness.
The cream, when spread on, almost immediately calms my itch and dryness and i feel nourished literally! it absorbs easily and although it is emollient and quite rich, somehow my skin likes it and absorbs it. For sensitive gals, you should try this out! hopefully with longer usage it will do what it claims: restore my skin to clear and radiant skin!

Herblinic ampoules:

From the webbie: Herblinic Restorative Complex1) restores damaged skin and restores skin balance for healthy skin with strong resistance against external aggressions. Highly concentrated ampoules that embrace the skin in a thick, dense texture stays on the skin for a long time for lasting nourishment. 

I have dehydrated skin so i break out when it gets too taut and dry. i wanted to get this to restore my sensitivity and also heal and calm my skin as well as provide moisture.
Sigh, this didn't work for me. My skin became more taut and dehydrated, and it made me itch. So i had to stop using.

I react to Sulwhasoo products!! the only product that worked out well for me is the concentrated ginseng cream which is a keeper! thumbs up for this item. I don't think i'll be trying out anymore sulwhasoo products for now. i'll just stick to the concentrated ginseng cream.

i fare much much better with history of whoo and sum 37 products which are in my current skin care routine.

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  1. Omg, same happen to me! I reacted to the basic line! And I bought the ginseng eye cream, which is fine, but the travel size basic line break me out heavily, I feel my skin full of lit pimples! That's the only products changing from my normal routine!