Apr 2, 2011

Short rambling / review on history of whoo

Haven't heard of the history of whoo? i am not very familiar with the brand myself. Apparently it is considered a premium/luxury skin care brand in Korea. So it is more expensive than the well known ones i know like laneige, tony moly, etude house, skin food etc (which are considered lower/mid range products meant for younger skin types).

History of whoo website in english:

It carries a few lines: (pic credit to

there's the basic gongjinhyang line meant for ages 30 and up and for dry skin. Apparently, many dry skinned women find this line makes their skin so dewy and soft. Women in korea normally have dry skin so many of the korean skin care are geared towards dry skin users ( i think!).

The seol line - this is the infamous whitening line!! the one that i've hauling from gmarket. apparently it does wonders in terms of literal whitening and removing pigmentation. Meant for all skin types.

The other famous line is the bichup line - this consists of just a serum (ja saeng essence) and it is a must to use this for beautiful skin! It can heal acne, troubled skin. It can also provide hydration to dry skin and helps in wrinkle improvement. It helps in strengthening weakened skin barrier and so even sensitive skin types can use this! an all-in-one essence/serum! definitely not to be missed by all girls.


  1. Yay to The History of Whoo haha <3

    Yes! You're right, many Korean women suffer from dry skin, especially in their mid 20's and starting 30's +. Barely do you see skin care products targeted towards oily skin, but usually you will with Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Laneige, etc.

    Since Whoo is targeted towards women in their 30's, it is fine to use them even in your 20's - keeps skin hydrated and moist. But with people with oily skin, its best to use the Seol Whitening, Soo Yeon, and Ja Saeng - the other lines may be too rich! :)

    I hope to see your reviews soon :D

  2. ah i see, korean women do have dry skin then. Have you used tony moly, face shop, laneige etc before? which products do you find effective from them? do share.
    great to hear that women in 20s can also use Gongjinhyang. But over here, there are more oily skins than dry skins so many skin care lines carry plenty of oily-skin geared products. Some times i feel the dry skinned gals seem to have less choices. But that's just me. maybe i did't search high and low enough.
    Will post some short reviews soon....