Apr 2, 2011

second best korean drama, secret garden

ahhhh, This is a truly unforgettable drama and it left a good  mark in my heart. Nice! again, i didn't want the drama to end............

starring hyun bin and ha ji won. Ah, i never knew hyun bin could be so cute!! He never made much of an impression on me until this drama. Whoa! his skin is spotless, luminous and dewy! he's the ambassador for men laneige. Such pretty skin...... so envious.

Ha ji won looks ok and kinda cute, but her clothing/attire in the entire drama was horrible. i wonder why they dressed her in such oh-so-tasteless shabby clothing. Even if her character is that of a poor woman, i think the attire/clothing could be much much better. Her housemate actually dresses and looks much better.

Hyun bin is too cute, and i find him a good actor. When he acted as the girl, it was really impressive!

Oh, and you need to watch the Special episode of secret garden too. It's so funny. They revealed many hilarious NG scenes. Oska was voted the one with the most NG scenes. And there were two romantic heart fluttering scenes voted the best! (1 where hyun bin did the sit-ups with Ha Ji Won so close, the other was the cream on her upper lip kiss). Watch the special episode, ya!

Ok, this guy, Lee Phillip looks rather good in this pic:
However, he didn't look very nice in the drama , i must say. In fact, i thought he looked rather amusing with such slanted close set eyes. But that's only in this drama.

It's a funny and hilarious drama and i love it. However, it still does not beat my fave You're Beautiful.

Conclusion: You definitely gotta watch this! it's very very enjoyable