Jan 19, 2010

review: The Face Shop Extra BB cream

Brand: The Face Shop

Range: the Skin

product title: Extra BB cream SPF 20++

Smart 3in1 cream nourishes, protects and corrects in just 1 easy application.
Formulated with marjoram and acti-firm (what's this?) complex to sooth irritated skin, this 3in1 moisturiser offers SPF20 protection, corrects complexion with natural coverage and replenishes skin with nutrients.

Too long to list down!....' will try to snap a pic of it soon.

my experience:
Since i have dehydrated sensitive skin, the claim that it soothes irritated skin appealed to me.

Colour: is a beigey creamy colour. When spread on face it suits my skin colour quite alright, not too grey with this one, but i prefer l'egere multi white's colour blend better.

Consistency : is not bad, quite creamy and not too bad in terms of spreading. Ahhh, but you're not supposed to spread. supposed to be applied with patting motion. But i'm too lazy to pat.

coverage: not bad, it can conceal dark eye circles, comparable to l'egere multi white.

moisturising factor: not bad, i like that it didn't feel tight and dry on my skin

matte or dewy: neither, it's somewhere in between

~ didn't soothe my skin, in fact i felt slightly itchy with it.
~ Not many skincare properties on this one: no whitening function, not anti-aging function. And the SPF protection is on 20++. I prefer at 30++ spf coverage.

conclusion: Overall ok, but will not repurchase due to fact that it lacks skin care functions.

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