Apr 2, 2011

Gmarket haul 2

Received somewhere in february 2011 (updated only now).....

Haha, more history of whoo! i am obsessed with whitening and want to get the most effective whitening products!
This time the whoo set contains the famous ja saeng (bichup essence), lotion, balancing water and cream.
i got myself some extra (2pots) of the whitening cream as i love the texture of the cream.
Also a 4ml pot of gongjinhyang eye cream, claimed to be good for dry skin on the eyes. Hope it'll help my dry eyes.....
Some pretty samples received from the seller being sum 37's new secret programming eye cream! i love sum 37 too!


  1. Hi there!!! :)

    I am so glad you are loving The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line!!! The Ja Saeng Essence is wonderful on the skin - really moisturizes and plumps the skin! Also, refines pores to make skin look flawless.

    I love Su:m37 as well - especially there White Award and Secret Programming Essence which you have! How do you like the Su:m37 products?

    Would love to hear updates on your progress with these luxury Korean products :) Great blog!!! <3

  2. hi korean skin care,
    how nice to be able to read such good reviews on korean skin care on your blog.
    ah the seol line, i'll be posting a short review on it. Love the ja saeng essence .
    As for sum 37, haha, wait till you see my next few gmarket hauls which i've yet to update.........i'm obsessed.