Apr 2, 2011

Favourite korean drama, You're Beautiful

My fave korean korean drama of all time is

You're Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

I never had to fast forward and and and..... i just could not stop watching until i finished it! and when it was nearing the end, i couldn't bear to finish it because i'd missed them so much!! oh how i wish there was a sequel! Every single episode is exciting and there was never a boring episode. Once 1 ended it's imperative to watch the next one. You just can't stop! Had some sleepless nights there, phew.

starring: jang geun seuk, park shin hye, lee hong ki and  jung yong hwa.... did i get' em correct?

ooo the cute and drama-made-popular pig rabbit doll (dweji -toki).

if you have never tried korean dramas try this one. it was my first korean drama and from then on i've been watching oh-s0-many korean dramas..................
this one is really addictive and i never get tired to watch over and over again.

 There are 3 eye candies in this drama, all of which i can't help ogling:

Jang geun suk: super cute

Jung yong hwa: oh-so-cute

Lee hong ki: damn cute

did i not mention about the OST? it's a must get. The songs are all supberb and sung by the actors themselves. Even my sister who never cared about OSTs thinks this drama's OST is good. Remember to get ahold of it.

conclusion: You have to watch this! if you only could watch 1 korean drama, this is the one and only!

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