Apr 22, 2011

Gmarket haul 5

More Gmarket stuff.

Received 1st april or somewhere there.

Pics are up now.

The very large EMS parcel box

With smaller sealed unopened boxes sent from the multiple of seller on gmaret

i had good results with the coreana nokdu peeling gel so i decided to try out more from the same line. Here's the  sheet masks (6500 won for 5 sheets)

 And the gel pack from the same line. Supposed to be a moisture pack.

Fell in love with the chae eum toner hauled up in my last haul. So i decided to give the whole set a try. This is the mini sized set with toner, lotion, serum and cream. All for dry skin. Unfortunately, i only liked the toner, so i'm glad i did not get the full sized products.

Suiskin aqua drop mask. this is a moisturising mask and it's more a like a gel cream. Not heavy at all, in fact it is pleasant to use. Quite expensive though 22000 won for 100ml tub.
The rest are small samples given by the seller.

Bought more sum 37's stuff: white luminous treatment, and secret programming essence. The mask sheet is a gift.

 This is the BEST SELLER!! i only bought the ElishaCoy newly launched snail cream and the rest is free! It was only 22000 wons for the snail cream. Very good deal.
free: snail mask x2, snail eye patch  x2, collagen mask x1, and diamond BB cream x1

Sample sized stuff: laneige waterbank essence, sum 37 white award clear toner, sum 37 white award recharging luminous cream (newly added product to the sum 37 white award line).
And i decided to try the entire sum37 waterfull line since i really liked the waterfull cream. So here's the eye serum, face serum, gel lotion, and skin refresher.

The 4ml tub of whoo's whitening intensive was not enough for my pigmented skin so had to stock up more of it. Moreover, the intensive has now been upgraded so it's great excuse to haul in more!

These are sum37 sample gifts from the seller:
white award detox mask  - this is really cute cream like mask, where you have to apply slightly thicker. Once applied it bubbles up and foams up like an oxygen mask. however, maybe i applied too much so it took forever for the foams to disappear. i waited like 40minutes!! This mask is supposed to moisturise, cleanse and brighten.

Sum37 losec reviving cream- i'm not too sure what this cream is for

Sum 37 1102 time control cream - i already bought a 1102 set earlier, so this is just the cream

Newly upgraded sum37 white award luminous recharging cream in sachet form.

History of whoo's whitening lotion, and sum37 clear toner in sample bottles.

Very good to use sum37 waterfull gel lotion and skin refresher in sample bottles.

Very luxuriant cream- history of whoo's gongjinhyang cream in sample tubs.


  1. What are your thought on Sum37 white award line? I want to try that but not sure if it will work for my combo oily skin? Who did you buy the newly upgraded sum37 white award luminous recharging cream from? My favorite gmarket sellers don't have this anymore.

  2. hi kooslee,
    sum 37 white award line, i have to say i prefer whoo's seol whitening line. Sum's whitening line did not agree with me at all. Sum's waterfull line is not bad though.

    sum37 white award luminous recharging cream, i think i got mine here:

  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for the great review. I also want to order quite a few products from Gmarket. Do you know if they will send me a big box with multiple products I will have to pay for tax or duty fee since it is coming from Korea?
    Thanks much