Aug 22, 2011

Perfect features: No min woo rambling


I have a new obsession............ No Min Woo

Sigh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, born in 1986 with a perfect face 완벽한 얼굴 (is this how you say it in Korean? perfect face...). He is a very pretty boy. I won't use handsome to describe him, he is a seriously pretty one.

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead!

I have watched him in these Korean dramas:
1. Pasta
2. My gf is a Gumiho
3. Midas

His features , his face spell P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  There is no flaw!! (well , except for one, which i will slowly get to at the bottom ;-)

In Pasta, a skillful Italian pasta chef, with a an easy going, kind of happy-go-lucky character;

This picture in particular:

His skin is too flawless, it looks a little fake! don't you think so? or is the photoshop-ping, lighting , makeup , photo shoot effects etc? His skin looks a little like plastic.
His nose, ah, his nose, so very prominent. Good nose for a male. If the nose were to be on a female, it would be all too big and too prominent. A female's nose got to be smaller and more dainty. He's is perfect for him.
His eyes, they are all together lovely.  They seem to sparkle and have a life of their own. He can look at you without speaking, his eyes will do all the talking. They seem so alive, so lively. I wonder if he uses contact lenses to give that boost of liveliness.
Now, the mouth. His lips. They are just too defined. Is it natural?? i mean, i don't know how to describe it. it looks just too perfectly shaped. Even more so than a woman's.

If we had a pic just on his lips, wouldn't you mistaken it for a very beautiful lady?:

My GF is a Gumiho
Let's take a look at him in My Gf is a Gumiho:

Role as Park Dong Joo. He is not the male lead, so he doesn't get the girl. It breaks my heart so when i watch his saddened face, his tears when his love, Mi Ho (played by Shin Min Ah), does not return his love. Very heart breaking. I feel for Dong Joo.

Getting more and more perfect. His features and overall face line is getting sharper and more defined. His chin and jaw and cheeks are more prominent and less "puffy".

He actually lost 7kg for for this role as compared to "Pasta". wow, 7kg is heaps! that's quite a lot of weight shed off!

His eyes, oh his eyes, they sparkle and speak for themselves. Those eyes can melt ice. Seriously, how does he manage those piercing melting eyes? The iris of his eyes are glistening black and the white parts are nicely white. Is there some kind of eyedrops to make eyes this clear and glistening????

To prepare for his role in Gumiho, No Min Woo even had to isolate himself for a month to get into the character of Park Dong Joo. A deep, dark and lonely character with no friends. A non-human more than 500 years of age. A man with a past who lost the love his life dying by his own hands.

In the interview he mentioned this: “Since playing the role of Dong Joo, I had less mood swings. I even react more calmly in every day life. If Mi Ho is happy, then it doesn’t matter how Dong Joo is.”
Credits to lovexskyline@livejournal , zhxzhx @ soompi

Ah, i never knew so much had to be prepared before drama shoots. One has to be prepared emotionally and mentally. So much so you have to get into character at least one month before the real shooting begins. If it was a lonely character, you had to isolate yourself, make yourself lonely in order to feel those feelings and get them captured on the screen for viewers. Not only that, you had to upkeep your looks and body. Lose weight!
Wow, seems like a very deep and profound profession. Not to mention time consuming and life changing. You practically need to change your entire life for a drama (physically and emotionally, both inside and out). Too much for me~~ i don't think i could do that.

This just shows how much professionalism actors/actresses have. How much they sacrifice just to get into character for a drama/movie. Way to go, No Min Woo! His acting in this drama is very very good. I can feel the sense of hopelessness when he realises he can't have Mi Ho. When she rejects him, it is such a heartache to watch his expression. Really!

No wonder Korean dramas always hit the spot in terms of delivering emotions and character. You can really feel it. I've watched other Asian dramas, but so far Korean dramas deliver the best.

Now the current year 2011 drama , Midas.
No Min Woo as Yoo Myeong Joon. Another sad character who not only does not get the girl, he even has to suffer critical illness and experience death!

Well, i didn't particularly fancy his character here.
On initial set, he had a playboy character where he slept around with plenty of beautiful girls.

pic credit: all kpop

Even when hospitalised, he is openly having an intimate french kiss with a sexy girl in his arms on the hospital bed!!

Nope, didn't like him here. And what's worst was his face. Yep, that pretty face of his begin its evolvement into something too feminine for my liking.
I have to admit, he is very very good looking in most of the scenes, but there are some, just some that spells G_I_R_L. His face gets all too feminine. It feels like there was too much make-up or something.

It doesn't help when his dressing in the drama is very "gay". Leopard prints, pink knitted sweaters and yup, don't forget those full blown super shapely lips. His lips are so full too well defined. Again, they add more femininity.
Whoa, spotted with green hugging pants! Long tailored leopard printed jacket.................eeewwww, completely shocking.....

Ok, enough of his feminine side. Getting back to the drama, No Min Woo surpassed his own book of records in weight losing!!!!!!!!
This time he lost yet another 9.5kgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shocking??? no????
Oh My God! how do you survive losing 9.5 kgs when you are already thin?

if an overweight person loses 9.5kgs, it'll be good for the body. But not when a thin/ normal weight person loses 9.5 kgs. It'll cause havoc emotionally, mentally, and all your organs in the body may end up malfunctioning. Poor No Min Woo. He is so professional. he wanted to portray his cancer character well so he kept on losing weight since the beginning of the drama up until his last scene in Midas. It was reported that he felt so weak he was trembling all the way while filming. Shocking!

“On my days off, I do aerobic exercises and eat salad. My body trembles while filming because it lacks energy. However, by acting when completely out of energy, my breathing changes (i think he wanted his breathing to change so that it will be more realistic as a cancer sufferer). Also, my heart for ‘Jung Yeon’ (Lee Min Jung) grows stronger and more sorrowful… Being that I’m so hungry lately, I wish that Myung Jun set up a bakery in the program.“ credit to allkpop.

Whoa! hands down to No Min Woo. I can't believe he actually survived. If i had to lose 10 kg, i'd be having IV drips in the ICU hospital right now! i'd be all bones and skeletal.

Gisaeng Ryoung
And recently he starred in a new horror movie Gisaeng ryoung.
And that pretty face of his gets prettier................. when i mean prettier, i mean more feminine.
Why oh why does he have to get more feminine. He could just stay his perfect gorgeous face back then in Gumiho. That was perfect.

Nice grungy hair and look. Well, at least here he doesn't look so feminine. He looks like a man in this pic.

Funny fashion sense. And girly make up. Too feminine.

This one is seriously, no , no.

The kid in Gisaeng Ryoung gets a kiss and hug from No Min Woo:

Min Woo getting too Feminine
Let's take a look at the all-too-feminine No Min Woo currently (July-aug 2011):

Hah, do you see my point? No Min Woo has become female except for his body which is still ok for a guy. oh Gosh, he looks like a girl already.
He is even prettier than those Korean female actresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez, Min Woo, please become more manly again. This femininity is a bit too much. I can't believe my eyes when i saw those pics.

2011 birthday fanmeeting - still too feminine
At his recent birthday celebration with fans, his face was so made up it looked kinda fake (may 29th was his birthday).
I'm not sure if it was the makeup or some other factor, eventhough it showed clear and flawless skin, it does not seem natural anymore.
Get a load of these pics and tell me what you think. too much makeup? no?

Look at his perfectly flawless bronzed face. Those round and firm cheeks. Totally no blemish. Somehow, the picture does not instill a healthy natural face. Did he get some botox shots to firm up that skin? sorry if i am too critical, again, i stress that he looks much more manly and natural back in pasta and gumiho days.
And his lips. They are way too shapely. He he, again i pinpoint at his lips. And those eyes, did he put on too much liner? the eyes are soooo pretty, too pretty. Sorry Min Woo , i didn't mean to be so critical, i just hope that you'll get back to your more manly mode rather than this over feminine face.

Full house2?
Full house 2? No min woo may be starring in a sequel to Full House. Ah at last, this time No Min woo as the male lead will get the girl. I'm waiting patiently for him to be the male lead.
But first, i seriously hope he'll do something to his all-too-feminine face.
Let it go back time to those Gumiho days, it was pretty without being overboard. I love him there.

UPdate: i found this comment somewhere which is oh-so-appropriate:
i think he is way too girly. He is very pretty and would be much better if he could be more masculine. With his good looks, he needs some masculinity to pull off as a guy, then he can shine. rIght now, i dunno if any girl would look good next to him cos he looks too feminine. He would most certainly outshine the girl in terms of beauty!

The perfect gumiho pretty boy
And i'll end this post with the perfect No Min Woo pictures. He's already pretty enough. Don't get prettier! (don't be too feminine!)
Here's the perfect No Min Woo back then in gumiho days:


  1. I first saw him in My girlfriend is a gumiho. I thought he is good looking not in a handsome way, but very beautiful, because he has some soft facial femine features. Too perfect to be true. I didn't know they turn his soft features into what you've presented to us. Please make up, and stylist artists bring back his Strong Heart days.

  2. hi kooslee,
    yeah, strong heart days were great. sigh, i think he had plastic surgery too, cause his face is way too beautiful, too "inhuman". What a beautiful man. Hopefully he won't waste his surgery this way.
    i noticed in gumiho while seunggi and min ah looks more human, Minwoo had this too perfect look. The two leads had eyebags, skin flaws occasionally, but never Minwoo. His is skin and eyes and all are always perfect.

  3. Hi.
    I must say my opinion is totally different ... I love his feminine side - the more feminine he looks the better :)

    And its not a recent thing ... he may have looked manly in Gumiho but have you seen him as Rose? When he was still the drummer of Trax (around 2005/6). He looked totally like woman back then ... long blonde hair, heavy make up - he even stated in some interview (probably jokingly) that his gender was "female" :D So I think that right now he is embrancing his inner female once again - and I love it :D

    And here you have some lovely pics of PrincessRose :)

  4. hi alice,
    ah, i guess no min woo has that female in him that he longs to portray. So he'll probably be going along the "feminine" path from now onwards.
    Too bad for me, cos i think he looks absolutely gorgeous minus all that "femininity".
    Awaiting his next project which, hopefully, he'll be the lead actor then.
    We'll see how he fares then, would it be feminine minwoo or heartthrob-material minwoo?
    oooo , can't wait.

  5. i totally agree with Beu-ti.. i love him, and i just hope he maintains as who he is instead of trying to please the public.

    when i watched My gf is a gumiho, i had an instinct that he loved her, but my friend said he treats her nice just cause hes using and lying to her. Besides that, i'm happy to know that he will get the girl in his next film (i hated gumiho for a while for choosing dae woong == cause i would DEFINITELY CHOOSE Dong Ju!!!)

    btw, does anyone know whether he did plastic surgery? and after looking at alice's pictures, i thought he was gay.. Q_Q BOO!

  6. hello R.C,
    well, he sure looks like he had plastic surgery and a VERY successful surgery it is. He turned into this pretty boy.

    waiting for his next upcoming lead star drama too! hehe.

    Hopefully, we'll be in for a good more "gay" looks.......

  7. Umm..I heard he had he's nose done actually. And I also saw pics of him when he was still in TRax.he's got really messy long hair and weird fashion sense. I liked him best in mgiag. So cool~ I'd choose dong ju too if i were miho.
    I hope he'll do well..rather, great in full house 2 since he's the lead.
    And for the love of he's fans, do gain some weight!
    That is all.t.y..
    Fighting!min woo!!

  8. The nose job looks a little obvious but I think it's pretty much just weight loss. The last few pics looks too girly/gay though.

  9. i think we should be friends! how can you have the exact same thoughts as me about him. >.<

    he's too perfect to be true, ah you have said what I thought about him.hhe

    Park Dong Jo is his best character ever.

    1. hi garnet,
      yup, he looks perfect for sure... a little too perfect. hehe

  10. I only started watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho recently, but I like him. Compared to these other photos of him, he was perfect back then.
    Now he just looks too plastic and feminine. If only I could turn back time....

  11. hi libby,
    yeah , you are so right, he's so plasticky looking now.

  12. i also think so. the latest pics of him look like he was taking botox a bit much. lol. i like him, especially when he plays drum. he looks too masculine when he plays drum, but it just doesnt suit his feminine face

  13. he reminds me of a transsexual actor in Philippines - BB. Gandanghari

  14. I agree with everyone, I became a fan because of MGIAG (my girlfriend...)I also watched Midas and Pasta which still also looked ok. But what happened after that? My guess is maybe he wants the fans to know that he's gay. On top of that he lost a lot of weight, nowadays he can't be compared to his old self. What a shame and what a waste. Maybe I'll just look for another Korean actor to admire, that's heterosexual...

  15. watched him in midas and mgiag, love love love him, cant tell if he ever had gone under the knife, but when he smiles, his face doesnt look natural, i meant the way his face skin moves, maybe i just jealous :D. seriously, how can a human being be that perfect, how@#:S gay looking is fine, hoping he is gay, i would be happier if a guy got him instead of a girl. a bit too mean here. :P

  16. "hoping he is gay, i would be happier if a guy got him instead of a girl" hahahaha! I love that comment.

    I don't like the extreme feminine look myself, but if that's who he is, then no problem. He can be whatever he wants! There is no denying that he is very pretty man, haha

  17. I honestly don't think he's had any surgery done. I think it's just because he lost so much weight and didn't seem to gain very much of it back at all. Imo he's too thin. In Pasta and Story of Wine, he looked great. Beautiful in a masculine way, but as the weight came off, he just seemed to become too thin. I wish he would gain weight and get to a healthy size. His skin probably seems stiff when he smiles, because there is no fat there to soften it. I still think he's beautiful though. He's my ultimate bias, thin or not.

  18. Oh God, what are they doing to him?

    1. I know what u mean..................
      and his recent pics are even worst! will update those later

  19. Hi Beu-ti thanks for sharing this superb info. i love him when he's in gumiho. when i watched his first appearance i was shocked. his complexion is perfect and much better than gumiho. when i googled more pics about him i was shocked. he's just too pretty. wondering about his recent pics but..i don't think im ready for that :(
    u're right, he's perfect in gumiho.

  20. I think he had his eyes done..i found a video on youtube when he was still young..and his eyes back then had no eyelids. I admire korean surgeons for their perfect products. I don't think he's undergone nose surgery because his nose can be bent or move sideways just like any undone nose. Maybe, the reason why he kept his body thin is that he wants to feel as sexy as those thin korean girls. He can wear any girly clothes as he wishes because it will fit him as it fits the girls. With regards to his acting,he's not a natural actor. He overreacts often and his reactions are like how girls would react given the same situation. but yes, he could be hot..=)))

  21. I really think it's all about make-up. Bb cream and such. . .

  22. the makeup/hair he has on Full House 2 doesn't help him at all. He is so good looking on Pasta. Wish he would put on some weight!!!

  23. Yes .I dont like situation recently. Min Woo back please...

  24. I found him very attractive and manly in Guhmio and Pasta, but now he looks GAY. His clothes and make-up are becoming less manly.... I am attracted to beautiful men, who LOOK like MEN.

  25. I've been totally addicted to NO MIN WOO since i saw him MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, but then when i saw his recent pics i get curious of what he really is, seriously.. my friend says he is GAY but i don't want to believe that. No min woo oppa! Im always here to support you, Good Luck!

  26. I saw No Min Woo in "Full House Part 2" and I liked him ever since. When I started watching the movie, I did not take to him but as the movie progressed, I started to like him and his character. I should also say that he looked very pretty in the movie with his perfect face and skin. At times, he was prettier than the female lead star. I hope to see more movies where he is the lead who gets the girl like Full House Part 2. I also love the fact that he is a good drummer, guitarist, piano player, singer and actor. I love his songs especially "Can I Love You". It just touches my heart everytime I listen to it.

  27. I saw No Min Woo in "Full House Part 2" and I liked him ever since. When I started watching the movie, I did not take to him but as the movie progressed, I started to like him and his character. I should also say that he looked very pretty in the movie with his perfect face and skin. At times, he was prettier than the female lead star. I hope to see more movies where he is the lead who gets the girl like Full House Part 2. I also love the fact that he is a good drummer, guitarist, piano player, singer and actor. I love his songs especially "Can I Love You". It just touches my heart everytime I listen to it.

  28. Thank you for you thorough timeline. I completely agree with you about how he is just embracing a more feminine outcome for himself which is sad since he is such a handsome "almost not of this world" sort of man. I thought he was gorgeous in Pasta and My GF is a Gumiho. I sorta want to avoid any other dramas that include him now. I would hate to spoil my memories of him during the Pasta/Gumiho dramas. Granted if he is gay, he should just come out completely so his transition would be more understandable. And yes all of us ladies will mourn the day if that ever happens.

  29. It's true No Min Woo is pretty like a girl but i like the way he is. He is handsome and pretty also a good actor.. It might be good if he dnt apply make up too much. Anyway really like No Min Woo.

  30. i still think i prefer him to gumiho days, a little feminine feel, but more of a handsome guy side... (more masculine feel)
    he is very very attractive in gumiho, honestly, when i saw him appear i was like "WOW WHAT A HANDSOME GOOD LOOKING ATTRACTING MAN!!!" and i watched the whole drama just for him... although its not good ending for him, but he himself in this drama, with his looks, hair style, clothes suffice... heheheh.. he is handsome and masculine, and the image & vibe he shows me is what i really like of him...
    but lately, he seems to have changed more n more feminine... i won't say i don't like him now, but i still prefer him in gumiho days... i do hope he will gradually change back to that...
    after all, he is a man then i'd wish he shows us the more masculine side of him to us...

    1. sigh, tough luck. He is looking even more feminine now.....

  31. I don't know anything else, i just loved him as he is... and i loved how he put his effort to take care all of his 'hwanja' ( i mean as his 'patient' & his fans to be healed with him and his songs...) you guys can see him in his twitter and his instagram...i know all of you can't accepted his looks but for me he is just fine as a human... he can do what he want for his life (thinking in a positive way)... and i loved watching him how he achieved to be he is now... No Min Woo fighting..! Saranghae...! ♡♡♡

  32. agreed with u..
    kinda cant accept his appearance in full house 2..hahahha../no offense..
    he looks beautiful here but i always prefer him in 'manly' style..
    love him in gumiho..heee^^
    /loves always for no min woo..<3<3

  33. No Min woo is an exceptional person.

  34. i dont think he's gay... i saw his guesting in global request and he was asked if he'll have a girlfriend, what will he call her.. he said he'll call her honey.. and in the 2nd interview he said he could raise a good daughter in later time if he'll have one.. i think he is feminine because he is a kpop artist.. most of them looks so feminine..and i dont mind at all.. i have friends who acts like a gay and talk like gays but later they got married and had kids... and about the surgery i also dont think so... he is just so thin.. and seriously make up do wonders :D.. anyway here is the link of his guesting.. enjoy watching :) and oh i like him in full house 2.. i kept watching it like hundred times lol :D

  35. i would say that with the amount of weight loss that he had would only enhance the fact that he does already look a bit more feminine (and i cant help but think that his mother must be gorgeous!) - he looks significantly different before and after he lost so much weight so i dont think he got surgery. and he does seem to like to express himself with makeup and the like. and i dont really get the dolls thing for a grown man... but if that is how he is choosing to express himself, that is certainly his right and his choice. i do notice though that any time he is cast, the producers tend to push him to more masculine looks. at the end of the day, he doesnt really draw from his work or his epic musical talents.

    and as a side note...probably because its a cultural thing for me...i think his lips are delightful ;)

  36. I am attracted to No Min Woo in everyway. His very pretty flawless face makes me extremely jealous.
    He is a good actor and a super talented musician. He is a wonderful human being in this world.
    He is looking prettier these days it's true. Good for him. I love him no matter what others criticize about him being too girly.
    Even to say if later he decide he wants to be gay, is fine with me. I will still love him for the person he is and the character roll he play in any dramas or movies. And also love him for the beautiful songs and music he performed.
    Just one thing, don't loose any more weight. He is very skinny now. Please stay healthy.

  37. I first saw Minew in MGIG and I got the bug since then! He is my whatsapp profile pix, my phones wallpaper and my FB's profile pix but my friends told me that I'm OA already so I just put him in my cover photo.. I am also disappointed when I saw his new gay photos especially in his ICON album.. I personally think that he is indeed gay and if ever he aintain't gay then iI'd be very very surprised! Well, gay or straight I will still support him! I saw lots of his vids on YouTube and I noticed that he is a good person and I like the way how he treats his fans.. Of course just like many other fans I want him to stay and act like a man but i think now adays he wanted to tell us what he really is! Breaks my heart too but as long as he is happy for it then who are we to judge and say no! It's his life and I'm sure he knows that there are consequences! Love No Min Woo so much not because he is handsome or pretty but because of the great person that I saw in him! If given a chance to meet him in person I would tell him only one word -> FIGHTING! :-)

  38. My concern for No Min Woo is his recent appearances he looks super skinny unhealthy, Reminded me of Whitney Houston R.I.P. when she appeared on The Jackson Tribute Show that actually had to add weight by photo shop because she had a serious drug problems. I hope this isn't the case with No Min Woo that it stress related I assume that there is a lot of pressure and things being offered that the average person doesn't experience. My other concern for him is that he doesn't get addicted to plastic surgery with his nose He is such a beautiful man and my hope that the people around are positive people that accept him as he is. The situation with plastic surgery reminds me of the UK 80's icon Pete Burns who was considered a beautiful man but eventually distorted his looks due to a lip filler that could have ended in amputating his jaw. In life we don't have to make stupid mistakes we can learn from others. If I had the chance to tell him something it would be stay happy, live well, stay healthy and we love you just the way you are. Love Full House 2 you were awesome, you rocked it.