Aug 12, 2011

Weight-y issues

Of late, i've been plagued by weight management issues.

I am struggling to maintain my weight.

If i eat any less, my weight sloughs off by the kgs. I did not use to have this issue. I am not skinny nor am i "meaty". I will eat my three meals a day plus all the snacks in between to maintain my weight.

If i were to eat one less snack or just have portions reduced, i will lose weight significantly fast, just within a week i can drop 2 kgs.

Previously  i did not have this issue as my weight would be maintained no matter what. If i ate more or if i ate less, my weight would still be around the same.

I'm wondering why i am facing this issue right now. Thank the stars my hair or skin did not suffer. No noticeable hair loss or significant changes in skin issues at the moment.

To maintain my weight, i have to eat significantly full 3 square meals a day and at least three snack times in between. I even have to eat before i go to sleep just so i wouldn't be hungry in the night. Come to think of it, i've been having supper so often lately no wonder my tummy fat is starting to show.

Hopefully this losing-weight-fast phase will balance out soon because i'm having a hard time shoving so much food into my stomach. I'm not the kind that likes to eat a lot. Just enough to feel satisfied. Much prefer a light stomach to a heavy one that makes me sleepy.
Sigh, now i have to stock up on snacks in my drawer and order more side dishes to accompany my main lunch meal. Milo has become my best friend of late and I consume this chocolate drink very frequently with my snacks.
Dinner i have to eat up to two or two-half bowls of rice now and pile on the meat as well.
I would rather go vegetarian as i'm not a meat lover. Perhaps it is the going-vegetarian years i've spent eating veggies that gave me this issue right now.

Praying hard it will balance out soon!~~


  1. My daughter didn't put on weight for a few years. It was only after we tested her thyroid and found out she had hyperthyroidism (& therefore gave her medication for it), that she started to put on weight & grow. Just a suggestion: check on your thyroid.


  2. hello tracy,
    thanks for the response. Thyroid problems? how do you check on it? cos i had a blood test and everything shown was normal including thyroid function. The GP told me i was normal.

    How did you check your daughter's thyroid problem?

  3. That's great then.

    When I took my daughter to test her blood in Polyclinic, they didn't pick it up. But KKH tested her & found out she had hyperthyroidism. Yeah, can find out through blood test. We were concerned because her heart beat very fast even when she is sitting down. Take your pulse and see - when you have rested.

    hyperthyroid causes very high metabolic rate, excessive sweatiness, cannot sleep at night, high heart rate, don't put on weight or lose weight. Not everyone has all the symptoms. These are some my daughter had.


  4. hi tracy,
    very good information. I seem to have some of those symptoms you described.
    I would like to get tested, where is KKH? would like to make a trip there asap!

    i hope i can recover quickly too.
    what are the medication for hyperthyroidism?

  5. The hospital is at 100 Bt Timah Road. The medication given to my daughter was Carbimazole. Anyway, must get tested first, as the doctor will decide on the dosage based on the patient's hormone level. I find the specialist in KKH very good, but I guess other hospitals have specialists also.

    Hope you find out what is wrong soon & recover soon.


  6. hi tracy,
    i guess 100 By timah road means it is in singapore? cos i don't recall having such a road in malaysia? most of them are "jalan" instead of "road".
    anyway, what specialist do i have to go look for? i know for stomach it is gastroenterologist, so how about for thyroid?

    thanks a lot for your help, i'm starting to find hope again!

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry. It's in Singapore. A specialist in this area is called an endocrinologist. Where are you located in Malaysia?


  8. hi tracy,
    oh dear, its in singapore eh. I'll try to locate an endocrinologist here. Never heard of one though.
    i'm in KL at the moment.

    again, i appreciate your help a lot!~

  9. Hello,
    Do try to ask at any hospital. They should have specialists there.

  10. yes i will do that, currently seeking out and finding more info.

    thank you very much !~