Sep 7, 2011

Gmarket hauls comin' up

Gmarket hauls post will be upcoming..............

It's belated though, cos the haul arrived one to weeks ago.

hehe, my camera has been acting wonky lately, so the pics aren't that good as i used an oldie camera.

see ya~


  1. Oh good. I can't wait to see what you ordered. My stuff just arrived today. ;D

  2. hi kooslee,
    what did you get this time round?
    i'll be posting up's a small haul though.

  3. I got a new purse, some shoes, and some training/pajama wears. Do you other anything else beside skincare from gmarket. For beauty stuff,I got Ryoe's shampoo, conditioner, and hair tonic. Lol, I haven't heard much about their hair tonic, so I figure I'll be brave and try it out. I also got Etude House's hair treatment.

    From your review, I got Berrisome recovery bb cream,they also gave me a primer. I tried it today. I love the dewy effect it has on my face. It doesn't look cakey like Whoo's Brightening BB cream.

    I got some sample Ohui Luminous Whitening SunBlock, and OHui Sunblock bb cream to try too. I got my mom some Su:m 37 White Award treatment, and cream samples to try. =D

    From Lotuspalace blog, I heard some good things about Amore Happy Bath products. I intended to try out some of their lotions, but ordered bath gel instead. I was disappointed, but the shower gel smells great. So it wasn't that bad after all.

  4. hi kooslee,
    wow, that's quite a haul u got there. A lot of nice stuff too.

    how's the berrisom bb primer? is it good?

    i do get some apparel and shoes from gmarket too. of course, shampoo and bath cream as well. i'm sure u will agree with me, the apparel and shoes in gmarket are so tempting! so many lovely items~~~. But my priority is on skin care. For me, skin must look good first before anything else ;-)

    i will post it up my haul soon.