Aug 7, 2011

Heartstrings korean drama ramblings Ep 10 and 11

I am so in love.............

Sigh, i wonder which female on the face of the earth would not fall in love with Jung Yong Hwa these days?? because of Heartstrings........ Jung Yong Hwa has become THE heartthrob! Awww, isn't he just so cute??


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Episode 9 left us with longing and totally melted hearts............ like hot velvet melted sweet and silky chocolate, i yearned more and more for heartstrings Ep 10 and 11.

Argh, but they left things hanging. After the sweet confession of love and initial holding Gyu Won's hand, no direct continuation was screened. Instead it just zoomed off to them already a couple and Lee Shin waits for Gyu Won in front of her house the next morning.

Cute, sweet, memorable, shy and awkward moments for the newly official-ised couple. Awww, just wished i could be back in those teenage years too.

First kiss on lips and forehead episodes!!! whoaaaaaaaaaaa

Lee Shin serenades his love to Gyu Won on stage during 1 of his weekly performances at a bar. He confesses he's sorry for the making her angry and not understanding her feelings, confesses his love for her.............

Hehehe, Lee Shin gestures for Gyu Won to come forward and meet him at the stage.

Guess what he does? Squats down  in front of her and before the audience's shocked and wide opened eyes, he seals his official world-wide announcement of their couple relationship with a sweet peck on her lips!

Kekeke, swoons.........................

Well, on the way back holding hands, Lee Shin doesn't stop with his kisses. He gently plants a kiss on her forehead before her letting her go into her house. Swoon again...................

Gyu Won enters her room..... sashays in bliss around her room, plonks down on her bed and relives those heart melting moments............. look at her blissful expression!

They go for cute little sweetheart dates.... Really, the portrayal of cute sweet love is very intense in the drama! I've never come across any drama that could  melt my heart with such sweet and tender moments! so much so it left me in cloud nine for days on..... as if i participated directly in those endearing precious moments.

They go hand in hand to the ice cream store....................

Sitting beside each other, they feel awkwardly blissful yet shy with their new love............
ahhhhh~~~~ aren't you on cloud nine yet?

Hehehe, this is so cute. He gets the cutest little froggy sitting pad for his bicycle so that Gyu Won can be comfortable on it. The way he pats it, straightens it out and then smiles shyly at her is a must see!!

Here Lee Shin teaches Gyu Won a few chords on the guitar................. and then..............and then......

Lee shin's eyes go all buttery and he leans closer and closer trying to kiss Gyu Won! Ah ha, fails!!! Cha Bo Un gets in the way............ again! How many times does Cha Bo Un inhibit Lee Shin's love expressions?? Watch to find out.

Lee Shin wraps his palms around gyu Won's face, encouraging her with sweet words and an all-too-tender gaze .

He even pinches her cheek lovingly.............

They go on a date to a museum art gallery. Gyu Won is so excited over it she forgets to remove her new outfit's price tag. On the morning before time, she lies to Lee Shin that she needs to go on an errand, instead purchases new clothes just to look pretty for Lee Shin.

Lee Shin spots her price tag and teases her about it. When Gyu won finally realises her price tag, she was so embarrassed for being caught, she hides her face and runs into the gallery..............

Gyu Won gets back at Lee Shin by tricking him into tying shoe laces and then snapping a photo of his butt being poked!

The two love birds walk into college and Lee Shin lovingly watches his girlfriend walk away before making his way to class.

They feed each other with french fries!!

However, at the end of ep 11, they get into an argument leaving Lee Shin threatening gyu Won with ending their relationship.................. will have to watch the next episode to find out more........

At the end of Ep 11, there are some NG scenes. It's a must must must must watch!! The whole time Yong Hwa will be bursting out in laughter! and he looks all glowing and so very happy. He seems to be enjoying the acting on the set so much.

The NG scenes made me realise though, how Yong Hwa and Shin Hye would never date. She is too chummy with him and he looks too comfortable with her. All too comfortable as friends.
I feel quite disappointed over this and it crushed my cloud nine feelings developed from the entire drama.

From ep 1-9 , the drama has built the escalator up to heaven for me. I paced episode by episode, stolen glance by stolen glance up to the few ending steps to heaven. But with the NG scenes, it seems like the escalator not only stopped , but retraced backwards.

Somehow, it crushed my hopes and dreams a little for the two love birds. It brought me back to reality, it's just a drama, just a show, it's all just ACTING and nothing more. Better not put so much heart into it...................sigh....

On a different note, Jeong Yoon Su changed her hairstyle and i think she looks lovely in it, don't you?

That's all for now.................... will be tuning in again next week~~
hopefully i won't be disappointed............



  1. Oh my Gosh! I can't wait for episode 10 and 11 to be shown on ABS-CBN! Heartstrings is my new addict! HAHA. I love te two love birds! :)

  2. heheheh, good for you.... will not spoil the fun for you as i've completed Heartstrings already....