Aug 3, 2011

Korean drama ramblings: Heartstrings (half time and totally biased)! Part 3

This is a totally absolutely biased half time rambling on Heartstrings
Ep 1~9 so far. Part 3

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!!! Take note!

continuing from part 2...............

With the excuse that he needs private lessons on the summaries that Gyu Won did for him the other day, Lee Shin visits Gyu Won at the hospital, just to see her, just to be with her. 

As she explains the summaries, she asks if he understood. Initially he nodded, and within a second, he changed his mind, and said he did not understand. Hahh, this is so that he could keep by her side for a longer period!

He secretly smiles as she has to repeat the summaries a few times for his understanding:
Gyu Won becomes irritated at her half hearted student as he seemed not to understand a word she's been trying to say. Little did she realise how much she meant to him, how much he wanted to be by her side!

Gyu won's friends and Shin's band members visited Gyu Won at the hospitable. They all together with Lee Shin and Gyu Won, went out on a stroll to play with fireworks.

Here, Lee Shin did the stupidest thing ever! He opened his mouth, in an attempt to confess to her his feelings, what came out was something along the lines of  " about you liking me, don't give up on that"........
whoa!! did that sound narcissistic or what? 

She was so angered over it! she retorted back and gave him a piece of her mind. Narcissism has its limits. I am not your slave to be commanded when to like or when to stop (somewhere along those lines). Good on Gyu Won! he deserves a good slap. When he tries to explain himself, she stops him with, " that's enough , i have had enough of what you have to say. "

Ahhh, he was totally confused. Why is she getting so mad? What did he say wrong. He even asked his little sister for advice!! can u believe that? ? The narcissistic prince had to ask his little sister's opinion!
he asks, if someone tells you not to stop liking him, what would you do? She replies, how ridiculous! You can't grab hold of a girl's heart this way. You need to sweep her off her feet.  
And he twists and turns on his bed still confused and a lost..............what's he gonna do now?

In the end, he still went back to the hospital. Using the same excuse for private tuition, he tried to stay by gyu won's side. Gyu Won was already pissed off and told him to look for someone else to tutor him. And he refused! She still did not get it, that Shin has fallen for her.

She gets angry at him once again.... and look at the subtitles below on what she said:
After explaining to you countless times, you still don't understand?!
Is there something wrong with your brain?
Wow!! don't you think she was a little too harsh??

With that, he stood up and retorts back that he will never call upon her again. It'd be better to look for someone else. He leaves in a very bad mood.

This part is really really funny. He meets Gyu Won and grandfather at the front of her house as she is discharged from the hospital.
 The grandfather invites Shin into the house as he wants to tutor Shin.
Lee Shin sarcastically tells Gyu Won it would be better to have the grandfather as the tutor rather than having to listen to Gyu Won!

Haha, how wrong is he..... the grandfather is so long-winded he reminisces way back to when he was a teenager working up his way to current day!!

Shin struggles to keep a straight and interested face in respect for the elder as his legs and body starts aching from the long period he has to sit. He also could not show his boredom and disinterest..........

Meanwhile in her room, Gyu Won laughs. Serves Lee Shin right! Her grandfather should continue all the way right up to his experiences at age 30!

After having much fun in her room, Gyu Won finally decides to come to the rescue when her grandfather starts babbling on his experience at age 20.

The moment Gyu Won came into the room, Lee Shin called out her name and could never have been happier to see her!
Look at the look on Lee Shin's face!! he practically could kiss Gyu Won's feet! His saviour has at last arrived! Serves him right for not listening to Gyu Won.

The next day, they meet again at the front doors as they headed out for a short trip organised for the performance members. He keeps a look out for her while leaning against a pole. Their gaze meets and he turns away coldly still ticked off from yesterday's happenings. She makes a face and turns away too.

On the bus, Shin plops himself next to her and tells her he is seating there because there are no seats left. I'm not sure if that is true, well, maybe half true because his friends would not let him sit with them. But he never went all the way to the back of the bus to look for a seat though.

Arriving at the destination and after some exercises and ice breakers, Gyu Won plonks her tired body on a sitting pad on the floor. Shin comes in to tease and bicker with her.
He orders her to move away as he wants that particular sitting pad! Oh gosh! really, this is really rude and totally ill-mannered of him. There a ton of sitting pads stacked right up at the corner of the room and he wants that particular spot and pad! Geez!

She gives in grudgingly and with a bad mood. She even tries to shove him and told him to go away. Haha, but thick headed Shin is not moving from his favourite girl!

He even throws sarcastic comments at her. But really, i think it is just to be close to her. He turns to look at her and the distance between their faces aren't that wide too. It makes my heart race looking at them.
And that's not enough, he moves his face an inch or two closer toward her before commenting sarcastically.
Hmmm, is that his way of showing his love for her?

They were then sent off to get some watermelon for the group. Shin was more than happy to go with Gyu Won, but Gyu Won was so reluctant. It was not until Kim Seok Hyun's assistant asked if she disliked to be called upon to run errands, that she responded and left with Shin.

During the hunt out for the cheapest watermelon, Gyu Won and Shin lost each other in the big market.
Thoroughly worried that Gyu Won could be hurt, Shin searches frantically for her.................
When he finally finds her, he bursts out "do you know how hard i was looking for you ??"

And again they got into an argument over the incident. Shin was so angry and so worried over her. Even in the car on the way back, despite his anger, he ordered her to lie down in case her injury from the earlier hospitalisation incident got worse. And the cold war ensues.......... Shin refuses to speak to her or look at her at the dinner table.

That night, as each of the members had to perform, Gyu Won got ready to be up on stage with her friends. Shin comes into the backstage and tells her not to go. He worries that her injured waist/ribs will worsened.
When she takes no heed, he grabs her wrist to make sure she does not get on stage and shouts to the MC that Gyu Won is hurt and will not be performing.

Gyu Won is flustered and a little ticked off by what he did. She told him to let go and walks out away from the stage. He followed her and sat himself a little distance from her. He spoke some really heart piercing words, piercing right into the heart of Gyu Won.

He doesn't look her in the face but speaks into the air, just loud enough for her ears.
along the lines of " Please don't get hurt again, .....pause........ I will get very worried"
oooooooooooo, that pierced my heart right to the core. The concern he has for her is definitely more than a friend, more than an it love?

Upon hearing it, Gyu Won turns in disbelief and looks at him.......
She begins to feel confused.............. over her feelings.

Oh ohoh, this is the best part. He was told to play the guitar to loosen up the atmosphere after all the performances. He sits on the stage away from Gyu Won, and lifts his voice in the sweetest song ever!
He was practically serenading to her, glancing and looking her way time and again, singing his heart out in the love song............ The tingles it sends down my entire body is unimaginable!~~
The song is nothing special but the way he performed it for her and her only, .......... you gotta watch it to know i mean. It is filled with yearning~~ a yearning for that special someone to understand his suffocated heart!

Finally Gyu Won senses all the love from the song. She keeps trying to look away from him and begins to feel very awkward. She did not know how to deal with her wavering feelings for Lee Shin, and definitely did know how to deal with Lee Shin's pouring love~~

As the song ended, Gyu Won quickly volunteers to bring in the watermelon. She wanted to get out and away from the confusing and suffocating atmosphere.
As predicted, Lee Shin follows her.
And again, Gyu Won trips and sprains her ankle..........Geez, why is Gyu won always getting hurt, being the total maiden in distress.
Shin quickly hurries over to her side and as he bends down to tend to her sprain, the magical moment appears............
He looks up at her, she gazes at him and as their eyes lock. Shin seems to be caught in her beauty. His face barely inches away from hers, he could just lean out a little and kiss her!
With his eyes, he tries to pierce her heart, he tries to speak with his eyes. Can you see my heart? Can you hear my heart?
Before he could open his mouth to catch the magical feeling between them................... Gyu Won's friend comes running into the scene and breaks all the bonds of magic so heavy in the air.

Such a wonderful private moment. I think they did it really really well. The wonderful chemistry between the leads is amazing! bravo!

That night, both shin and gyu won could not sleep. They tossed and turned on their beds. Shin decides to get up and walk around. He finds Gyu Won sitting alone in the dark in an empty room. Aside from the wedge of light shining in from the hallway, it was all dark inside.
He sat down next to her on the bench................
I tell you this scene sends you flying on a magic carpet ride~~
Lee Shin is just too tender here. The way he speaks to her, looks at her, are all too tender. I feel that i would explode soon from all that tenderness!!

They talked for a while laughing in the dark as they started off on a good note. He cared about her so much and tenderly inquires about her sprained leg.

They talked about shooting stars and wishes. Lee Shin offers out his hand toward her. Gyu Won is surprised and he gestures to her to acknowledge his stretched out hand.

Gyu Won is dubious. He couldn't be gesturing for her hand could he??! The last time this happened, he was actually asking for the tambourine she held in her hands!!
In response, Gyu Won gingerly imitates his gesture unsure of what he wants.

Lee Shin takes hold of her hand!!!! i could hardly breathe at this moment! I don't know how they do it, but the director of the drama sure knows how to build up the atmosphere. Never have i watched a drama where holding hands could be so magical, so romantic. Tingles were all over me and i felt my heart would burst!

He confesses to her that his wish is................ for her to like him again. The look of tenderness in his eyes, and the softness of his voice, were like soft carresses~~
Time seem to have stopped there and then!

And it ends there!!!!
AHHHHH the next episode is tonight, i had to wait hours and days for it.............totally out of this world. And once it airs, i still have another long wait for the subs. It's killing me!

I do feel that they tied the knot too early. What are they gonna do to keep us entertained for the next 7 episodes??
i seriously dislike those plots where parents come in the way to hinder the relationship. Because of their parents' pass, the current generation suffers and gives up their love for one another. Sickening plot. If it really heads that way, it would be very very disappointing.

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