Aug 8, 2011

BB cream review: Berrisom skin recover blemish balm

Time for short review on Berrisom's BB cream.--- skin recovery blemish balm.

They have two bb creams in their range, the other is the perfect cover primer BB.

A multi functional BB cream with certified anti-wrinkle, whitening and UV protection. Corrects skin tone and conceals imperfections with natural coverage. Soothes and recovers skin with Madagascar camphor tree, oriental herbs and mineral complex.

The ingredients list:
contains their in-house AO5 formula which is the basis of every product in Berrisom.
Their AO5 formula consists of potent antioxidants to combat free radicals and keep skin clear~Elderberry, blackberry, cranberry, camelia and evening primrose.

I must say, this Bb cream is really nice. The colour fits me to a T and the coverage is just nice for me. Not a lot, yet enough to keep skin looking polished and fresh.

here's a swatch on the shade and texture:
It has a slight pinky tone and greyish tone in the swatch. However, when blended out on skin, there is no gray cast and the pink cast seems to disappear too.
Texture wise, blends and spreads out nicely. It does sit in the pores, you need to use a brush or foundation wedge to even it out, not a big issue. It does not feel heavy at all.
No heavy scent, just a creamy floral perfumed scent which isn't overpowering.

How it looks on my skin :


Can you see the difference? I can see a huge difference. My skin tone evened out and it brought a glow and radiance to it, don't you think so? Doesn't the skin look more polished and refined?

You can control the coverage by adding more where needed. Coverage is more than light. But it's not heavy. It can be considered slightly sheer too.

However, this is for DRY to normal skin types only. Because there is no oil control at all. I get oily T zone after a couple of hours, but it does not disturb me. I just blot it with tissue.
Staying power wise, it is mediocre. Nothing to shout about.

It hydrates my skin very well because it is for drier skin types and i love its texture and its colour. I also love the radiance and glow i get from it. It looks so natural like a second skin.
So far i've had no break outs from it.

It is fairly easy to remove to, just with a makeup removing cream and a foam cleanser will do.

Rating: 9.5/10.

It's almost perfect, the best BB cream i've used so far.


  1. Your skin look really nice without the Bb cream. It seemed to have a dewy effect on you. Do you know the Korean words for this brand?

  2. hi kooslee,
    yes, loving the bb cream's dewy effect. You should try it too and let me know how you find it.

    you can try this: 베리썸

  3. Been wanting 2 try some of berrisom products,,anything u wanna recommend? I'm looking at their total perfecter eye cream,it currently comes w/ whitening serum as a gift haha

  4. hello hydeusrey,
    i've got the total eye perfector with pycnogenol and cu peptides. I don't really like it. The cream/serum seems to be rather greasy and leaves a film on my skin. It's quite difficult to be absorbed.
    So far the bb cream is the only one that i tend to use.

  5. Oh I just saw the one u purchased,look diff from the one they hv now,,the new one was 8in1 with plant stem cell or smth haha (I think the same ingredient with total perfecter moisture cream)
    I guess maybe I'll try cell power duo then haha
    Btw,what pore care ur using rite now?

  6. hi hydeusrey,
    yes, they upgraded the total eye perfector. For pore care, i've been using a retinol cream on occasion.