Aug 8, 2011

Heartstrings korean drama Ep 10 And 11 update: ANGRY!!


First thoughts on Ep 10 and 11 lovey dovey scenes are described here:

I actually re-watched the two episodes again because somehow, somehow, just somehow, these two episodes seem to be pacing something very different............. something that disturbs me a lot!!!

And now i know why. It is not only the NG scenes that crushed my cloud-9 built-up dream.
Like a house, brick by brick, it reached episode 9 where the climax was so great it stifled me. I could hardly  breathe then. My heart was so enraptured by the adorable and undeclared love between the two, it kept me dreaming about the two the whole week. It leaves you tingly, and seriously on the verge of over-excitement.

I wouldn't say Ep 10 and 11 were not sweet, because the adorably sweet, tenderly cute, unimaginably heart stealing moments and time spent together are just too good.
It is very admirable and no other kdrama could give off such a heart melting scent.

However, the plot! and the way the characters seem to evolve are the major culprits to the beginning of the bring down.

Let's start off with Lee Shin:

A cold narcissistic prince that does not smile often nor bents his back for another human being, suddenly becomes all too accommodating and protective off his newfound love. At every circumstance, he would be there to support her, back her up, think of her first. I find it a little overboard.
I know people can change in the name of love, but it feels he has suddenly become someone who prioritises Gyu Won too highly! So high up there it hurts him. So high up there he can't contain it when she didn't even hesitate to give him up in  exchange for helping Seok Hyun.
I feel pity for him. I feel bad for him. He loves Gyu Won all too much for comfort's sake. From someone who lives boundlessly, all of a sudden, he is tied down, bound up at his feet by this unrequited love from Gyu Won. He bents his back to please her ................

and the last straw comes............ this is where Lee Shin bent his back so much it becomes pathetic!!
At the final scene when he threatened to end their relationship if Gyu Won returns to the college to "save" Seok hyun, Gyu Won, without flinching, immediately walks away certifying to end their relationship. She totally ignores him!

And what did Lee shin do?? he pulled her into a hug and begged her not to go!Ohhhhh ohhhh, that is totally pathetic. What does Lee Shin thinks he is doing?

It is obvious what Gyu Won thinks about him already. She's walking out of your life with no hesitation at all!
Where is his pride?
I much prefer the obnoxious back-then prince in the first few episodes to this pathetic boy trying so hard to hang onto his girlfriend.

Sigh, it feels as if it were better that Gyu won never came into his life. He's suffocated by protecting and loving her too much.

Lee Gyu Won:

what's with her?? she's suddenly not at all accommodating of Lee Shin. In the past episodes, she understood him, stood by him, cared for him, bents her back to please him. Just because he confesses his love first, does she see him as easy?
She gets irritated, prickly and angry with Lee Shin.
She feels hurt and blames Lee Shin for his popularity with the girls! Ah, is that his problem?? She never even tried to understand him!! Seriously, in the previous episodes, whatever biting comments or sarcasm he shoved at her, she would take it all in and continued to care for him.
Why the sudden change?

Especially the ending scene where Shin did so much for her. He overlooked the lie she told about being with Seok Hyun that night and instead,  for her sake, deliberately prevented her from being in college because he does not want her to be hurt!! He treated her like a princess.

Lee Shin , the almighty Lee Shin, overlooked a grave lie! What if your girlfriend or boyfriend lied to you about being with a love rival? would you be hurt? would you be angry?
Ah, but Lee Shin overlooks it!!!!

Geez, Gyu Won not only throws his heart on the floor, she even steps so hard on it, i can feel it breaking. It was as if she was blind to his love. Can't she not see how much Shin is loving her and protecting her?

In the ending scene in Ep 11, Shin threatened to end their relationship if she would be so stubborn and wasted  all his efforts in preventing her from going back to the college to "save" Seok Hyun.
*Clearing throat* Sigh, Lee Shin is going way overboard here. Why in the big wide world did he have threaten with such an unforgivable threat???

Gyu Won never gave it a second thought, and angrily walks away, there and then she has decidedly to end their relationship. She must go back, she must go back and clarify things for Seok Hyun.
There you go!! the biggest most heart bleeding scene ever! Gyu Won has never given Shin a second thought. It feels almost as if Shin is like "rubbish" to her. Did all those sweet dates mean nothing to her? did his bold confession of love before a dangerous audience meant nothing to her? Did those heart yearning sweet kisses mean nothing at all?

I mean she can try to leaven things out with Shin over the situation. She may have the right to be angry as to why Shin is hiding all these matters from her. It directly involves her, she needs to know.
Well at least talk it over.
Nope, she just storms her way out of Shin's life!

So is it unrequited love or what? Lee Shin's love has been thrown away. Gyu Won has done and unforgivable act.
It is obvious that Gyu Won does not appreciate his love and protection.

Kim Seok Hyun:

For someone so mature (since he is at Director level), he sure acts strange. How can he let his feelings for Gyu Won overcome everything? he has not thought about things properly. His actions are just too immature. With his girlfriend by his side, he can even brush her off and his actions all scream "Gyu Won " Gyu Won" " Gyu Won". It borders on being disgusting.

Jeong Yoon Su:

Nothing wrong with her. In fact, she is doing everything right. She only did one thing wrong:  Loving Seok Hyun and accepting him all over again.
She acts her age, thinks maturely and loves and protects Seok Hyun.
But what does Seok Hyun do? he prioritises his favoured student over his girlfriend!! Isn't that just too much? Anybody in their right mind can tell that Seok Hyun's care and concern for Gyu Won is not just ordinary student and teacher relationship. He seems to have fallen for his student when his beautiful and supportive girlfriend is right beside him!

So now i know why, after watching these two episodes i felt something was not right! And yup, there you go, the twisted evolution of characters.
 The most obvious one being from narcissistic and obnoxious to petty and pathetic.
Ah, how hurt i am by Gyu Won. Please, Gyu Won, treat Lee Shin more humanely. Garner up your first love for him again.

And Shin, please buck up and withdraw! He is spilling his guts out, laying out everything for Gyu Won to see.

The upcoming episodes/plot better save prince charming from falling face down!

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