Aug 3, 2011

Korean drama ramblings: Heartstrings (half time and totally biased)! Part 1

This is a totally absolutely biased half time rambling on Heartstrings
Ep 1~9 so far. Part 1

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!!! Take note!

I'm so in love with this drama and no matter how bad the ratings are in Korea itself, i think this is the best 2011 drama so far! I'm totally biased haha as i love yong hwa and shin hye. They look very very good together.

I watched each episode a few times already, and I would replay and replay. All the songs OSTs are dead good! i've even learnt them by heart! I'm that crazy over this drama!! seriously, i never knew i could sing in Korean too!

The drama starts out with Lee Shin being a total narcissistic idiot. He thinks too highly of himself and never associates with those he reckons to be ugly. Sigh, what's he to do when he looks too good and gets confessed to (girls confess their love toward him) 900 times in a day???

He always has this dead bored look about him and he never smiles at anyone (except maybe his younger sister and his one-sided crush). He acts like he is awfully cool and high up there! His look of disdain is really good, it feels so real. His acting is much more life like now compared to You're Beautiful.
Take a look at his disdainful looks:

Imagine being confessed to 900 times a day, you'd act like him too! He tells the person straight on that she's ugly and he will not associate with people who have ugly personalities as well. He even said this straight at Gyu Won:
Gyu Won immediately, upon meeting him, gets a real bad impression of him. She dislikes him and takes his cold sarcastic words straight on without being afraid. She talks back to him!

Gyu won and Shin gets into a misunderstanding. And eventhough Shin was in the wrong, he never steps down. Even when he tries to make it up, he does it ever so rudely.

He threw an envelope of money at GyuWon as refund of money because he did not turn up for a charity event. My gosh! not even a word of apology but instead utter rudeness! how can someone throw money at another person?? i would be so mad too!!

Gyu Won fights back unrelentingly and throws back the envelope at his feet! Good move Gyu Won! I would do that too. Some nerve he has to be so rude!

Shin doesn't seem to realise his rudeness and gets even more mad. No one has ever dared defy his great and mightiness, how dare this good-for-nothing "ugly" girl throw the envelope back at him! He gives her a shuddering cold look of displeasure. But she continues to fight back irregardless.

Haha, they end up hating each other at the end of the episode. Can you see the look of disgust in their respective faces ?

The fight ended with a competition of music between the two. Whoever loses will be put to slavery for one month. Ahh i'm totally with Gyu Won. I can understand how much hatred and disgust she would feel for such a narcissistic human being!
The atmosphere toward the competition builds up gradually and climaxes with both Gyu won and Shin's music group taking each other head on:

My oh my, Shin looks awesome in pink! ahhhh such a gorgeous looking boy.
 Guess what the outcome was? Gyu Won loses and becomes his slave for a month! Well, she didn't lose because of any lack in skills, but because her instrument string snapped half way, and her performance was hindered.

During the one month slavery:
Shin makes Gyu Won run around doing ridiculous little errands for him.

1. Substitute him in classes: She clears her throat, hides her face behind glasses and lowers her voice pretending to be him..... and gets caught!

They now have to write an essay on repentance and even clean up the drama prop room. Shin makes Gyu Won do all the work and ridicules her endlessly. He makes her "entertain" him with drama costumes and then shamelessly leaves her to clean up the mess.

2. Makes her buy his morning coffee regularly: he dictates her to bring up a regular sized cup of coffee within ten minutes while the foam is still fresh and visible! whoa! don't you think that is too much??? what nerve!

3. Pump up his bicycle's flat tire

4.  Makes her clean up the band room in her short skirt attire!

5. Play tricks on her, he even stuck a stick-on on her forehead when he finds her asleep at the bus stop

6.  etc................ i can't remember anymore although i watched so many times.... was there anymore?

One day as she watched Shin sing on stage, her feelings for him start to stir. She begins to fall for him without realising why. I think she has already fallen for him since the beginning.

She gazes at him singing and playing his guitar...... and her facial expression changes from boredom/disgust to admiration and confusion.

Gyu Won begins to have silly little dreams of him. As he offers her a ride on his bicycle because of her body aches, she jumps on and begins fantasizing:

Shin acts all high and might toward Gyu Won, but when it comes to his obvious crush, he becomes all tender and sweet. Gone are the disdainful and cold looks, here comes the tender loving eyes.

His voice becomes soft, his facial features relaxes and his eyes turn all pretty when he sees her. His coldness totally melts away at the sight of Jeong Yoon Su, his professor in college. He fusses over her when she falls during ballet practices and secretly watches her whenever he can.

He gets her necklace as a gift and waolah!! i hated this scene. He kisses her on her lips! Although it is just a peck and a very light one, grrrrrrrr............... did not like this scene:

He totally gets rejected after that. Jeong Yoon su tells him off! She had to be a little harsher because although many a times she tells him to "back off" in a nice way, he never listens. And kissing her on the lips was the last straw! Shin had to be stopped! She harshly raises her voice at him when he grabs her wrist and refuses to let go. "You are not a man to me!" Wow! that is harsh!

His dejected heart was so crushed and hurt but not as much as when he sees his beloved professor being in the arms of another man! He was totally crushed then. The look of pain was quite unbearable.

Gyu Won tries to appease and comfort him but he steps all over her. He rejects her "love" and told her  to stop liking him or caring for him. Gyu Won seems to not realise that she has been showing signs of care for him (a little too much for my liking; It was as if she was chasing him around and he kept shoving her away).
Gyu Won was so hurt by those words, tears flow down her cheeks.

In spite of the hurt, she cared so much for Shin that she tried to comfort him again the next day. She chases after him literally! Not a good sign. It makes her look "cheap".
She forgoes practice classes for him.

In the rain she lugs her heavy gayaguem with her while chasing and calling after him. She pulls on his sleeve and arm but he flings her hands away and continues to storm in the rain. In the end, Gyu Won cries out "Does the world ends just because you got rejected by a girl??". She screams at him to stop making a mess and pitiful sight of himself.

With that her turns back , faces her and shouts that he is now stopping the mess , he has given up on Jeong Yoon Su. He's decided to start anew. 
Despite the rain, you could still see the tears flowing down from Gyu Won's eyes. Shin marches off in the rain. And after a few steps , stops and decides to turn back.
He looks at Gyu Won's rain and tear soaked face, heads back toward her and lifts the gayaguem off her hands. He carried it for her!! wow................
as he continued his walk in the rain, he carries her gayaguem................ does this mean he wanted her to continue to follow him?? did he find comfort in her presence??? this really bothers me, as this scene is so abstract and no explanation followed.
Gyu Won's pitiful face filled with relief and thankfulness as she heard his screams of giving up and his gesture of carrying her gayaguem stirred her further.

They stop under a shelter from the rain. Shin stretched out his hand to catch the falling rain drops with his hair still wet from the rain. Gyu won quietly accompanies him , standing next to him. In suite, she follows by feeling the raindrops with her palms. He never looks at her but continues staring into the rain holding onto her gayaguem by his side.

Geez, i wonder what the gayaguem meant? why did he carry it. The camera even zoomed in on the part where he took the handle of the gayaguem off her hands. Why? what is the meaning of it? and why is he holding on to it the entire time under the shelter? Did he find comfort in her? did he approve of her interference in his personal life this time??
This scene felt very serene and calming to heart. I found this scene very meaningful.

So what made Gyu Won decide to give up on this narcissistic prince? Let's take a look. Shin's father passes away and the world broke down around him. He cries in the rain. Gyu Won searches for him frantically to comfort him and what did she see.....................

Shin was holding onto Jeong Yoon Su sobbing away his hurts!! Her heart seemed to be smashed to bits. There was not an ounce of strength left in her. Her eyes welled up with tears of hurt and hopelessness. Shin is in another woman's arms!!

Over the night, she decided to stop caring for and liking Lee shin. She will stop this pain. 

Good on gyu won, her running after him really made me dislike these few episodes because it made her look "cheap". I would rather have the guy chase after the girl.  He he.

It's really funny, Gyu Won even decides to inform Lee Shin that she will no longer like him. I wonder what made her do that? if it were i, i would just leave him alone. Actions speaks louder than words. You don't need to tell the other person how you feel in such circumstances would you??
She finds him on a bench, sits down beside him and nicely tells him of her thoughts of giving him up already. Eeeee, this is quite embarassing to me. It means she admitted to liking him, it means she confesses to him. I think it is unbecoming of a girl to be confessing like that. how embarrassing! She even does it with forced nonchalance.

And what ensues after this "confession to stop" ........................ CONTINUED in part 2.............

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