Aug 3, 2011

Korean drama ramblings: Heartstrings (half time and totally biased)! Part 2

This is a totally absolutely biased half time rambling on Heartstrings
Ep 1~9 so far. Part 2

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!!! Take note!

continuing from part 1...................

My part 1 ended with gyu won telling Shin upfront that she would stop liking him.

And what ensues after this "confession to stop" is the most sweetest, cutest, romance ever. Well, to me at least, i find it sooooo sweet and cute!
As Gyu Won tries hard and forcefully to act cool and non-chalant toward Shin, she begins to distance herself away from him. Suddenly, Shin bucked up. The blockage in his eyes from Jeong Yoon Su lifted and he begins to look at Gyu Won in an entirely different way.

He starts thinking about her, starts to smile at her, and the best part is, they share so many so many stolen glances at each other! it is driving me crazy. I just love those stolen glances and Shin now smiles when he steals a look at her!! just makes my heart and blood flutter so!

Shin's one sided love for Jeong Yoon Su was totally cut off when he returned her umbrella to her. His words of entrusting Jeong Yoon Su to her boyfriend, Kim Seok Hyun, was the final say. Together with leaving the umbrella behind in the hands of Kim Seok Hyun, he walked way with total relieve from his one-sided love.

Back to Gyu won......

After telling Shin that she will stop liking him, Gyu won politely bids him a goodbye and walks away. As of today, the one month slave contract ends together with her "love" for Shin.
Shin calls out her name and stands up. The way he looks at her has changed entirely starting from that point on. No more cold, disgusted, disdainful looks. He seemed to show appreciation in his gaze.
He calls out to her and thanks her for the very first time!

As Gyu Won walks away, the look left on Shin's face seemed to me like a mixture of regret and shame. Shame on the way he treated her before. Regret on her words................she will stop liking him.

She tries from that point forth to avoid him and stop following him nor have anything to do with him. Alas! Fate draws them together. On the very same day, they were forced together to work on a music project. Gyu won was totally miffed! She now has to spend more time with him than before!
She was to help Shin collaborate traditional music which she majored in, with his modern music. She forces nonchalance all the way and it's quite amusing!

As they walked out from the professor's room heading toward the library, she kept repeating that she's ok with working with him. It will not be awkward, it's seriously ok. Little did she know she was heading the wrong way and ended up embarassing herself!

On top of library trips together, Gyu Won even has to jam together with his band. More "together" time than ever before!

It's really really interesting and fun listening to them having a jam session together. How the traditional music blends in with the modern music is really really amazing!

Haha, here is where the cuteness starts. The secret stolen glances!! It all makes my heart flutter to the max!!
Shin plays a lead guitar solo. Gyu Won previously looks admiringly at Shin when he plays one of his show-off guitar solos. This time as Shin plays, she looks up at him, but no longer with admiration and longing as that of a secret crush. 

Suddenly, he also glances her way while he played, his fingers running wildly over the guitar strings.

When she caught his eyes, wow! she did this perfectly! i could feel the air between them. She smiled slightly and shifts her gaze downward toward her gayaguem as it was her turn to play. It was all done so nonchalantly in the most natural way.

He catches her beautiful smile and her glance, he lips curl up in a the slightest of smiles............. He then casts her another stolen glance, seemingly to admire her.

Oww, this two have good chemistry. These stolen glances are sooo sooo good!!

At the next jamming session, both bands wanted to go for an eat-out. Gyu Won initially declined to join them. Shin followed suite which is his usual style. He never joined his band for any eat-outs since the beginning. But this time, his reason for not joining is entirely different. Since Gyu Won is heading home, he wanted to leave and perhaps, maybe............i think ..........he wanted to have some time with her.

Instead, after Shin left the room, Gyu won changed her mind. She seemed to be more at ease that Shin is not joining them.
As Shin unties his bicycle, he looked up in disbelief. Didn't she (gyu won) said she was going home? why is she walking out with the rest of the band?

He quickly decided to follow them! whoa! what a change. Shin is finally the one following Gyu Won around. He is definitely going with them because of Gyu Won's presence. As he makes his way into the gang, they all turned to him is disbelief! huh? Lee Shin is actually joining them for once.

They even left to a karaoke session after the eatery session. Gyu Won felt nauseous half way thru' singing and quietly left to the toilet without making a scene. Shin paid so much attention to Gyu Won the whole time from the moment of eating to the karaoke singing session, he had his eyes fixed on her.
So when she quietly makes a move to the toilet, he knew she would be throwing up after eating the oily food, he followed her and offered comfort petting her on the back while she threw up and gathering tissue for her.

He offered his hand....................

Anyone would've thought that he was helping her stand up...........hah, guess what?? when she tried to place her hand in his, he moved it away and gestured for the tambourine! what a laugh! when he left, gyu won covered her face in embarassment.

He then followed her all the way to the bus stop. She thanked him for his comfort and help and bade him good bye as she went into the bus. When she thanked him, his face lit up in a slight smile. After a flitting thought, Shin hopped onto the bus with her!!
And there you go, another onslaught of stolen glances, my fave............
She steals a look at him.......... confused by his chivalry and change in attitude.

He steals his share of glances at her and seemed to smile inwardly appreciating Gyu won even more.

As he reached home, studying at his desk, his thoughts start wandering about her............. he is starting to think about her!!

Gyu won gets into trouble with her grandfather when she decides to audition as lead actress for a play. Her grandfather strongly opposes anything that is not traditional music. Gyu Won gets locked up in the room and it's only 20 minutes before the audition starts. 
Lee Shin upon knowing that Gyu Won has been locked up, rushes toward her aid. He devises a trick plan to help Gyu Won out of the house and cycles her to the audition:
As gyu won wraps her arms around him, she felt awkward and uneasy.

Leaving her on the doorsteps of the audition theatre, Gyu Won once again confesses her thoughts. "It is hard for me to forget you immediately, but i will work hard at it". Oh dear! again, what girl has it in her head to say such matters out loud???

She performed a heart wrenching song during the audition. She sang her heart out, her feelings of difficulty to move on, her feelings of love not reciprocated, her wounds and hurt. Tears flowed as she sung.

Lee Shin watched her, enraptured by the meaning in the song. And , my oh my, the look on his face. I do not know how to describe. It feels so strongly, so strongly that he regrets hurting her and he has fallen for her, hard, this time. It seems he could feel her hurt and he would hurt with her.

After the performance/audition, he initiated and offered to take her home on his bike i suppose. She instantly reflexively declined. And since director Kim Seok Hyun was with them, she accepted Kim Seok Hyun's offer to drive her home instead.
Lee Shin was cut off from his sentence of helping her. He was left a little dumbfounded. In the end, he followed her in Kim Seok Hyun's car creating a thick tension in the atmosphere of the car as the two would not speak with each other.

however, Lee shin's heart has already melted for Gyu Won. When he reached home, he nicely told his younger sister not to call Gyu won names. While sitting as his desk again, he thought about Gyu Won and smiled..............oh how sweet....!

Next morning, since they are neighbours, it was his turn to wait upon her. In the earlier episodes when she was "chasing" after him, she waited outside his house. Now it's his turn. 
He didn't even have any early classes that day and he deliberately waited to take the bus with her, just to be with her.?? nudge nudge wink wink. So cute.

As he waited with her at the bus stop, Gyu won was really confused with his sudden change in behaviour. 
She looks at him secretly in confusion. And he waits for the bus seemingly happy and satisfied though a little shy and awkward.

As the bus arrives, Shin steps up first. He then hesitates, and after a moment, steps back in offer for Gyu Won to enter the bus first. As in "ladies first". Whoaa! i would be confused too....what's with the sudden chivalry, Lee Shin??? Definitely right for gyu won to be super confused.

This time, it was Lee Shin who starts to smile when he sees gyu won around the campus. He saw Gyu Won drawing near and starts to smile ............
But she has just been bombarded by Kim Seok Hyun with harsh words. She brushes by Shin without acknowledging him and they got into a mini fight! which happens so often these days........... really. Their bickering never stops. And it's so fun to watch.

 Shin called out rudely saying that he hopes that their paths will not meet again for the rest of the day!
however, fate draws them together. Some how or another, Lee Shin has been assigned to follow Gyu Won to her charity performance for old folks and he follows.
As Gyu Won performs, he watches in admiration and smiles. All the anger he felt earlier dissipated..........

After the performance, Gyu Won and Lee Shin joined the old folk in a meal and Gyu Won got herself drunk with wine. Sweetness in the wind follows................ Gyu Won sits drunk at the staircase and Lee Shin finds her there.

She surprised him by slapping both her hands on his face!

After a nonsense talk, Gyu won collapses her head on Lee Shin's shoulder.

Look at the tender way he looks at her................... ahhh, my heart melts at the sight of this scene.......ooooooo.

And he happily allows her to lean on him for as long as necessary........
such wonderful still cuts!!

It does not end there, Lee Shin voluntarily piggy-backs her home!!

He was totally in cloud nine for the day and he steps back into his home in high spirits. His mother looks at her son and commented on his happy glowing face.............

The next day begins, and again he waits outside her house longing to tease her about last night's drunkard issue.
Owww, the change in the wind is so sweet. Who would've thought Lee Shin could fall so hard for a girl!

At the school library, Lee Shin makes his way to be near her and teases her again. He plops a large pile of books in front of Gyu won and tells her to make a summary for him by the night. He "threatens" to tell on her if she refuses and uses the drunkard issue as a weapon against her. 

Soft hearted Gyu Won easily gives in to the "bullying" and reluctantly, with scrunched up pouted face, plows into the books. Lee Shin sneaks a look at her hiding behind book cabinets. His cute smile certifies that he thinks Gyu Won is cute:

At the next band jamming session, Gyuwon explains some gayaguem sounds and knowledge to Shin who finds it interesting. I'm not sure if he finds the content interesting, but it looks more like he finds Gyu Won who is explaining in passion, interesting.
When her explanation got interrupted by the other band members entering, a little awkward moment between the two ensues. She looks at him, and as he catches her gaze, he turns away sheepishly, looks down and smiles! whoa, awesome! i really really like their chemistry and secret glances here. Very well done. It sent my heart back to my college days, when i was younger.............. sigh..... my heart is back to age 20 now......
My goosebumps are also raised............... i can feel the tingles!!
He is totally happy that she is passionately talking about the gayaguem to him and for once, there is no war between them. She is at ease with him here and he never felt better, yeah! He appreciated the heart felt banter that they shared just a moment ago.

When Gyu Won hurt herself (broken ribs and sprained ankles) and had to be hospitalised, Lee Shin was so worried. He kept by her side the entire night for as long as he could. Have you ever seen him smile with teeth showing??? here it comes:
Isn't it lovely? he was trying to cheer Gyu Won up with silly jokes, but Gyu won never laughed at them. Haha, real funny scene.

And what ensues after this  ........................ CONTINUED in part 3.............

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