Jul 31, 2011

korean drama review: The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love!!

Rating: 9/10, very very good.

Genre: Romantic Comedy (my fave genre!)

Gu Ae Jung is a downfall "back-then" actress whom people take no notice of and their disdain for her borders on digsust. Whatever she does, she is classed as unfavoured, down-the-dumps, good-for-nothing actress. In spite of this, she continues her difficult journey and tries to make whatever money she can by singing in night clubs and accepting the most minuscule roles in the media arena.

Dokko Jin, on the other hand, is a top class celebrity, cream of the most top crop and is highly favoured by the society. He endorses many an item including widely available vitamin drinks. However, he has a very lousy personality. He is totally ill mannered and snobbish, and does not mingle with any celebrity with status less than himself.

Haha, imagine these two personalities clashing together. There you have it, a very loud CLASH BANG! These two meet and Dokko Jin gets entangled into a love web. Beyond his wildest dreams, Dokko Jin falls head over heels for Gu Ae Jung and the comedy begins..................

In between, comes a handsome, first class husband-material doctor who falls for Gu Ae Jung. Dokko Jin has to fight off his jealousy and struggles hard to maintain a sane mind.

Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin

This guy is Grrreat! i love him in this drama. Before that, i've already watched in him in Athena and City Hall and i thought he was good back then. With this drama, he's now been upgraded to "Great" status. He is so original and funny here.

From hancinema:
"Irritable celebrity who pursues perfection
Korea’s top celebrity! His next move is a foray into Hollywood, but none of his movie projects get green-lighted. After getting enmeshed in a relationship with Koo Ae-jeong, his career and life start to spiral downwards. Whenever she’s around him, his heart rate goes up because she drives him crazy. "
It's totally hilarious the way he falls for her. He makes up all excuses as to why he keeps thinking of her and why she has such a hold on his heart.

Gong Hyo Jin as Gu Ae jong

Ah, this lady, i find her un-entertaining and boring. Her acting seemed a little off and blank to me. Her facial expressions remain on flat hill throughout. She was in "Pasta" and again, i found her to be the same.... flat notes and lacking in expression. 
Thank God Cha seung Won made up for it all. He was excellent. 
So don't be put off by Gu Ae Jong, it's still a good drama.

From hancinema:
Intolerable and obsessive ex-celebrity
A former member of one of the early popular girl groups. She was a sexy figure. / She used to be the sassy one in her group.
At the height of her group’s popularity, she was the most popular member. But now she makes a living by making guest appearances on TV where she is fussy and annoying. After getting involved with Dokgo Jin, she receives hate mails from his fans and is also blamed for his faltering career. 

Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo
He is doctor in the drama and supposedly a great catch as husband material. I did not think he played his part well enough. He did not make me feel like he is all that gentleman-ly and kind. Somewhere in there it seems he could not connect with his character. He keeps popping out here and there as a "hilarious" comedic character instead of the retrospective, passive, kind and gentle doctor character.
Well, still passable i guess.

from hancinema:
Handsome oriental medicine doctor
He is a well-mannered, thoughtful and caring person who has it all. He has no interest in celebrities and their outrageous lives. Under pressure from his mother, he agrees to appear on a TV dating show, but after finding out that Koo Ae-jeong will also be appearing on the same show as a guest, he becomes very eager to meet her.

Yoo In -na as Kang Se ri
She is another good and upcoming actress. She plays her bitchy role very well. 
She falls for the doctor and tries in all ways to come in between Ae Jung and the doctor's relationship.
Good acting.
Also, her figure is admirable and so is her skin. Nice and glossy and smooth skin. 

From hancinema:
Celebrity wannabe
She dated with Dokgo Jin for just a month. Despite their breakup, Dokgo Jin and Kang Se-ri pretend that they’re still dating to avoid negative publicity. When Koo Ae-jeong was a star in her heyday, Kang Se-ri was a nobody. But now every girl wants to be just like Kang Se-ri. She is also the host of a popular TV dating show. 

Overall, i thoroughly enjoyed this entire drama. From start to finish, with each episode, it's never boring and the climax is well done and so is the ending. Although the plot and story line are a bit cliched, however, the script writing is excellent persevering until the end, very nicely paced out. This 16 epsiode ride has been nothing but fun and heart warming.

The OST is not bad and they used many cartoon/hero background music in comedic scenes like batman, mission impossible, james bond etc (haha, i may have made up a few, hope i got it correct) and it makes the entire comedy all the more entertaining and enjoyable. Very good!

I'm giving it a 9 instead of 10 because of the Gong Hyo Jin. Minus-ing one point for her. hehe.

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