Jun 29, 2011

korean drama: You've fallen for me debuts OST

Awwww, even the OST is so nice.
i like Yong Hwa's song. it is catchy, light hearted and absolutely lovely!

credits to:
Jung Yong Hwa - You've fallen for me


  1. like this song too! its really catchy hehe
    first impression of the drama is the plot is pretty common, hate n love relationship. but I do like the musical theme hehe
    oh n I luv shinhye's outfits, really fresh for spring! ^___^

  2. awww, i really love this drama. I had to watch it right away! now i regret because i have to wait sooooo long for the next 2 episodes.
    I'm in love with the song. so i learnt it with romanization. Ha ha.
    Oh yeah, shinhye's outfits are gorgeous. wish i could look as good as she does in those long skirts.

  3. i love this song too. By Yong Hwa Because I miss you.

  4. hi babylynn
    i loooovvveee yonghwa. The song Because I miss you is great too!!