Jun 29, 2011

gmarket haul 8

Here's a new haul! hoo ray!

EMS haul box:

slightly crushed EMS box:
Taiwan EMS boxes are so much more sturdier. Thicker, denser and harder.

What did i buy? Plenty of stuff, but mostly for my sister and friends.

Sooryean Hyo travel sized kit:

this consists of toner 25ml
emulsion 25ml
eye cream 10ml
cream 10ml
essence 10ml

Here's a little preview on the texture of the hyo cream:
It's light beige colour. Texture wise, it is light and creamy. The scent of the entire line is strong. Very strong of herbs and it reminds me of a "grand-ma". Haha. Anyway, i won't be the one using this so i won't be choked by the strong scent.

Charmzone's Dasima Mineral Pack 120g tube

I bought the wrong one, this is the Wash off version. I actually wanted to buy the peel off version. Anyway, i'll still use this. This definitely perfumed, you can smell it right away.

The texture is creamy and thick. Greenish colour:

 More Sooryehan stuff:

2 bottles of 15ml sooryehan bicheak pure whitening ampoule
3 bottles of 10ml sooryehan hyo fermented herb vinegar essence
some samples given by the seller.

4 more 10ml tubs of sooryehan hyo cream:

Aren't they pretty? i'm sure they'll  be a nice deco on the dressing table.

A close up on sooryehan hyo fermented herb vinegar essence:

It is a brownish golden serum. Thick, i would say. And spreads with a stickiness.
But it has been raved for its anti-aging properties. It refines skin texture too.

A closer look on sooryehan bicheak pure whitening ampoule:

Comes with a dropper in a pretty white pearly bottle. The texture is thick, dense and to me, very sticky!

Next up, sidmool products. Sidmool is on the natural skin care line free of harsh chemicals and irritants. It is suitable for sensitive skin types. They have a great many products for blemished skin and oily skin types. So it's good for our type of skin in tropical countries. The great thing is, it is on the lower end in terms of prices so everything is pretty affordable.

What we got here:

1. super antioxidant energy serum - antioxidant serums are a must for our generation's skin type. Because we are overexposed to computer radiation almost 24 hours a day.
2. philip natural sun cream spf34 pa ++
3.  Organic Argan oil
4. the rest are samples given by the seller

super antioxidant energy serum:
 contains power of berries! The serum is even purple in colour, how sweet!:
This spreads and absorbs easily with absolutely no fragrance. Way to go for natural non-irritating skin care.

The philip sun natural cream

 Hygienically sealed:

It has a slight tint to it but when spread, no colour appears on the face at all.
The texture is creamy and it does leave a slightly greasy feel. It's suitable for all skin types and can act like a makeup base.

100% organic virgin argan oil:

Argan oil has been raved as Liquid Gold. We decided to get organic virgin version to try out on our faces. Definitely only organic and the top of the crop to slap on face. It can be used under eyes for wrinkles and fine lines, a treat for dry dehydrated skin, replenish colour and moisture to darkened lips and it is known to have benefits for oily acne skin too! What's not to love?

Samples given by the seller:
 a piece of natural soap. But i need to find out which type it is. The writings are all in Korean! i'lll have a hard time knowing what this soap is exactly.

 5 pieces of sheet masks given, again, the writings are totally korean. I do not know what are the properties of these masks.

A pack of tissue wipes it looks like. Apparently for acne skin type.

They even gave me vitamin C sweet samples. The middle silver sachet is their best selling item, aloe vera gel. Highly raved. This one is for oily skin. There are two versions, oily skin and dry to normal skin.

They enclosed a pamphlet with their entire range of products: impressive!

They even have health food supplements , body care range and hair care range. All natural as can be.

Next up, Berrisom. Super berry deep ocean mist!
Full of antioxidants! yay! It's a 1+1 item, so that's why there are two bottles of this. 70ml each

Ingredients in english! wow!

the spray is refreshing, and the scent is light! Nice!
Put a bottle on your desk and use this rehydrate your skin. Also, with the powerful antioxidants, it'll fight all the damaging free radicals for you!
An antioxidant mist spray is a definite must for those facing the computer daily!


  1. With my luck, I was interested in buying charmzone the wash off pack, but somehow I got the peel off pack. It smelled heavy perfumed, the smell is very nice. I think it dried my skin out badly after first use, so I have been using it since. Maybe I'll give it a try again. What do you think about the washs off pack?

  2. hi kooslee,
    oh we should trade our charmzone packs then. Yours is what i initially wanted. It dried out your skin?
    the wash off pack is ok. It left my skin quite soft to the touch but i have yet to see how it purifies the skin.

  3. Hi, Beu-ti,
    I left it on my face for over an hour, and I didn't wash my face afterward. There wasn't any English directions, so I used it as if it was the Whoo's whitening peel. It peeled off easily, and my face felt soft afterward. However next day, my face got some red dry patches. Upon touching, those area hurted a lot. It went away after several days. I applied and reapplied Whoo's secret court cream on top my regular routine like crazy.

    Too bad, I gave my charmzone pack to my cousin.

  4. hi kooslee,
    oh you have a bad reaction to the pack then. It stung on my face for a few minutes but died down after a while. I did not get any dry nor red patches. It left my skin feeling quite clean, smooth and soft too.

    Perhaps you are allergic to some ingredient contained.

  5. Hi Beu-ti

    Have you try the whole Sooryehan bichaek line? I saw that you purchased the bichaek ampoule. What do you think about it? How does it compare to History of Whoo's Seol? Since both are made from the same company, so I am really curious.

  6. hello kooslee,
    the bichaek ampoule is pretty good. Whoo's seol makes the skin white, but i find it drying after using for a awhile. Sooryehan's bichaek did whiten the face too in a short span of time. It also is very rich and definitely not drying. In fact, i think it is suited more for dry skin type.
    i tried it once with another anti-aging serum and it broke me out. If used solely alone, it does not cause any problems.
    My sister prefers this bichaek ampoule over the seol line as it not only has whitening properties, but it also hydrates and moisturises her skin nicely.
    but we need to use it for a longer period to see its definite effects.
    Have you used the whoo's seol whitening line yet? how did you find it?

  7. I have been using the Seol's line for over 2 months. It really brighten my face, and even out my skin tone. I did find that it wasn't as moisturizing on my dry cheeks. Koreanskincare recommends that I use the Whitening cream on top of the Soo Yeon cream, since its hydrates and oil control. It is a lot better. Overall, I am pretty please. However, I only use this routine in the morning because at night I am on tretonoin, so I feel like it couldn't work as fast as I want it to be. Among all the whitening lines like Whoo, Ohui,Su:m 37, Sulwhasoo,etc... That you have tried what do you think?
    Have you used Ohui first cell essence? I have been using it along with the Seol's line. It works great on getting rids of the fine dehydrate lines on my forehead. How do you like Sooryehan fermented line? What does it really do? Do you know any good products that helps with pores? I don't have humongous pores or anything, but Kdrama actresses' skin make me yearn for smaller skin pores (Korean's skin).

  8. wow good for you. i could not really use the seol line as it reddened my skin after a while so i had to stop and then continue again when it heals. It did whiten my skin, but because i keep stopping in between, i don't see the full results. I still have those ugly freckles/pigmentation.
    i have not tried the ohui first cell essence. Perhaps i should take you cue and use it together with the seol line. what is the sequence of usage if incorporated with he first cell essence?

    ohhh, sooryehan is quite lovely. Although i do not fancy the scent at all, the nice things it does to the skin forgives it all. My sister uses it, i only tried it out for a while. She claims it helps her skin regain resilience and helps in anti aging. Although the naked eye cannot see the results on the skin yet, but she feels it will show in the longer term. It has helped out her dry starting-to-age- skin to feel much livelier instead of dehydration all the time.

    ahhh i wish i had kim jae won's skin too! i'm just like you, yearning for smooth and flawless skin, yet radiant and bright. Someday, do you think we can achieve that?

    as for pores, so far i have not had any results yet from the array of pore care items that i have. Will need to carefully use them for a bit longer first.

  9. Your skin was red? Were you allergic to the ingredients? Wow it is great that Sooryehan works well for your sister. Yeah I am in my late 20s, so I am also looking for something to help improve my skin resilience.

    I use the Ohui first cell serum right after Seol's toner and balancer. Then the Seol's essence and jinaek program after it. I figure I should keep the essence, and other Seol's items together for them to work well.

    Hahaha,maybe someday we will have even better skin then Kim Jae Won. We just need to think positive, and continue on our quest for better skin.

  10. hi kooslee,
    perhaps i might be allergic to some ingredients. i need to remove those nasty freckles so i'll try your method of using the ohui first cell essence which i have yet to own any so... Here comes the next gmarket haul! haha!
    oh ya, u mentioned using the soo yeon cream under the whitening cream to combat dryness, i'll give that a go too because i found it drying out my skin.

    Yep, just keep up our quest for kim jae won skin. haha.

  11. Hi, Beuti

    Do you any korean make up line? I just really like Korean skin care, so I want to try some Korean make up too. In drama, everyone looks so natural and make up free even though otherwise.

  12. hi kooslee,
    ah, makeup? i don't know much about makeup. I'm still trying to make my bare skin look ok first before proceeding with makeup. The underlying foundation is of utmost important, i believe. Without clear skin, makeup won't look good. U think so?
    do you use bb creams?

  13. Yes, without clear skin, make up could look cakey, or flaking. No I haven't try any bb creams yet. I heard bb creams can cause breakout, so I am hesitant to try it.

  14. Yeah without clear skin make up would look cakey and flaking. Well we might not even need make up if our skin are nice and blemish free. No I haven't try bb cream yet. I am thinking about Whoo Brightening bb cream. I might have to order a sample of that for my next gmarket haul.

  15. hi kooslee,
    whoo brigtening bb cream? i'm not sure about that one, i've never used it.
    But i'm loving berrisom's bb cream, it's so lovely.
    i have not had breakouts from it,..... yet. haha

  16. Hello,

    How did you know about Sidmool? I couldn't find any information in English online. I am interested in skin care that uses less chemicals.

    How are you finding the products you bought from them? Is the antioxidant serum good? Do the products have english ingredient labels? I can't read Korean :-(


  17. hi anonymous,
    i just happen to come across sidmool while searching for something on gmarket. There is no english information and i can't read Korean too. I just decipher from online translations and make my way from there. A lot of guesswork involved.

    Been using the antioxidant serum......i have not had any changes to my skin yet. So i can't really tell if its good.