Jun 29, 2011

Korean Drama first half 2011

I've been watching episode after episode of Korean dramas for so many so many nights and even over weekends..................

So far what i've watched and/or am watching:

1. Manny - completed this just a while a go............. overall rating 6/10. Nothing much interesting.Can be slightly boring towards the end.

2.The Greatest Love - completed this yesterday. Overall rating 8.5/10.
This is out of my expectations. It's great! I really like cha seung won in here. He is so comical. His acting is good, even back in Athena: Goddess of War when he was the villain, his acting was good and i rooted for him.
However, the lead actress brought the rating down (my rating given to the drama). I thought she was stiff and her acting didn't really stand out. It was exactly the same in "Pasta". Her facial expressions and gestures were shallow and blank. I felt she didn't bring out the character strong enough. It was too shallow.
But she still  managed to pull through  because Cha Seung Won is that good! really! If it wasn't for her, i think i would've rated it 9.5

3. Can you hear my heart - watched till episode 20, waiting for the rest of it to finish airing . so far it is up to episode 26 if i'm not mistaken. Rating so far 9/10.
 This one is way over my expectations. I never knew a non-romcom could be this good. This one is on my MUST WATCH list!

Kim Jae Won is eye candy worthy, except for his absolute-casper complexion. He is so very fair it borders on being absolute white. He is not only white but his skin is soooooooooooooo smooth there is not even a pore visible.
Hwang Jung Eum, the lead actress, has great skin too. Radiant and bouncy and smooth. But when close up it does not even compare to Kim Jae Won's smoothness!! I wonder how they made him so white and smooth? or is this his natural skin texture??  it's a wonder, and i wish i had such porcelain skin like him. It's outright perfect and flawless!

4. Lie to me - watched up to episode 12. Rating so far 5.5/10.
This one is a huge disappointment. It put out the fire in me quite a while back already. The story did not stand out. What a waste on the first class actors.
It was boring and it did not provide me enough "steam" to "chase" the episodes. I will complete watching just for the sake of watching and giving a review.

5. baby faced beauty - watched up to episode 14. Rating so far 7.5/10.
This one is very enjoyable and do not regret watching this. Daniel Choi's acting is pretty good. It's stupid yet acceptable. However, i'm just wondering if 20 episodes would be too long? i think it would be good to just end at the standard 16 episodes. But i could be wrong. Let's see what the rest of the episodes entail.

6. Ms ripley - have not started. The synopsis did not stir me up. It deters me from watching. I'm wondering if this is good. Also, the male leads seem a little weak. Both Kin seung woo and Micky Yoochun do not appeal to me at all.

7. city hunter - have not started. Will start when it completes airing. I'm liking Park Min Young. so i'll give this a go soon. Lee Min Ho is also good to watch. Crossing fingers that the plot will be interesting.

8. romance town - Since it already completed 3/4 of its way airing, i'll get this started very soon. It also falls into my fave category of rom-com so i'll definitely watch this.

9. ***You've fallen for me ------------------ waiting waiting anxiously, nails have all been bitten too much already! it's going to air tonight! Rating now 10/10!
Aaaargh, i cannot wait for it to complete airing before i start. I think i will even watch it RAW without the subs!
haha, i'm that desperate.

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