Jun 25, 2011

Mini taiwan haul

I had a mini taiwan haul...............
Just arrived today!

The box is much much more sturdier than the Korea EMS boxes. So your precious items won't get crushed easily.

What's inside:

Charm Infinitely Whitening Cream.
This is a whitening cream. It has been strongly raved in taiwan, so i thought i'd get a tub to see if it lives up to its ravings.
Introducing the CHARM Infinitely Whitening Cream- 30g
Nature Bright Formula, Patent Whitening Actives, Herbal Extracts, Pearl Powder.

It's a multi-fuction cream - moisturising, nourishing, whitening, refining texture.
Contains natural and biochemical whitening actives to brighten your skin tone. Green tea extract and tocopheryl acetate to fight free radicals, WSK (Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract, hayluronic acid and polyquaternium-51 to moiturise skin.
It also depresses the formation of melanin and prevents freckles and spots.
Here's the functions on the box:


Comes in a classy diamante lilac-pink tub 30g. Very pretty................:

It also encloses a spatula for easy scooping.

Here's a shot on the white cream like texture:

Here's a little "advert" on it:

Summarised roughly translated version: "The packaging is too cute! and caught my attention on the first glance. I don't really like lotions/emulsions but the winter has left me with dry skin. I am looking for a suitable moisturising/emollient product for my skin, and found Charm. Texture is light and moisturising, not sticky. My skin is usually dry and easily flakes/peels. With Charm, this dryness and flaking has much improved. My skin was dull and sallow from insufficient sleep, but after only 1 week of usage, it has brightened up! Day or night, with just the use of Charm, my skin care problems are solved. With just Charm alone, there is nourishment, moisturisation, and whitening properties. It is very suitable for lazy girls like me. I particularly like the faintly sweet scent that perks me up and relaxes my senses."

Whoa! sounds like a miracle product. There are other raves like helping makeup last longer etc etc. The thing that caught me most is the whitening and brightening effects! Let's see if it works.

Shylina Organic Camelia Pores Brightening.
Heard of shylina? it is organic skin care brand in Taiwan. I'm launching out too organic skin care just to see if it does any better for my highly sensitive skin.

Comes in a set of two 8ml mini bottles.
this is for pores management.

"This product contains composite fruits and flower extracts, to gently remove dead skin cells and pores of the skin and old dirt, promote activation of repair skin, clean pores while enhancing flexibility and compact white and conditioning, and gradually improve rough skin and large pores; the same time Add moisturizing plant extracts, skin protection and repair strong force, delay skin aging, skin, such as continuous use can feel like a new look delicate honor!"

Shylina European Edelweiss Repair Lotion
Organic newly released item.
 Comes in a 60ml dispensing package. It even has the ECOCERT logo to certify its organic genuineness.

"Facing skin distress? ! Accelerated aging, skin irritation, dry and dull → difficult to repair? Distress!
This product is taken from the Alps Edelweiss + organic green tea extract magically repair energy, improve energy, skin repair, to improve skin to its perfect performance, increase flexibility, increase radiance, with softness you can feel!"

Once the cover is opened, there is a white plastic to protect the dispenser. You must push down the plastic in order to reveal the dispenser. This way, it keeps each drop or organic edelweiss lotion as fresh as can be!

Texture is like a very thick serum. It feels slightly sticky when i rub it on my hand. But the stickiness goes away once absorbed. Not sure if it will feel the same on my face though.

Shylina Snow Velvet Rose mask
Whoa! for this one, you can slap it on for up to one hour and it won't dry out!
That's what drew me to get ahold of this.
It looks like it can really hydrate and plump up skin to the max!

description reads: "The formula of rose water is rejuvenating to fine lines and dehydrated skin. With several herbal extracts are rapidly absorbed into the skin to reduce the spots and bright your face. The natural radiance of the skin complexion is enhanced whilst the organic rose geranium essential oil is tender, uplifting and soothing."

Can't wait to try this out!

Tsubaki Shampoo
 shiseiso Tsubaki Cleansing Shampoo! Tsubaki shampoos have been a big hit in the hair arena. This one is the headspa deep cleansing shampoo. To be used once a week to deep cleanse and clear out all debris blocking the scalp.

"shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing with Essential Oil is a new type of hair cleanser to take care of your scalp and hair!!!

This Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing able to provide a relaxing experience like the experience you can get at luxury SPA salon.

The Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing only needs to be used once a week by replacing it with shampoo, to perform a thorough extra cleansing of your scalp.

The natural ingredients, Rosemary and Angelica keiskei, can emboss the waste such as excess sebum and impurities from scalps to cleans thoroughly, and to create a clean and healthy environment for your hair to grow.

This product blends many natural aromas such as Marigold, Rose, Cinnamon, Geranium, Mango, Honey, Olibanum, Litchi, Patchouli, Tangerine, Orange flower, Muguet, Laurel leaf, Cognac oil, Vetiver, Musk, Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Bergamot, Vanilla, to provide a relaxing scent, nutrient to protect, repair and provide shine."

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