Jun 3, 2011

Initial review: Hera aquabolic vs Sum37 waterfull

A blog visitor/reader hydeusrey has requested for my initial review on Hera aquabolic line vs the Sum37 waterfull line.
I was thinking to use them a little longer before i review, however, here are my initial views on both these lines.

First off, Hera's hydrating line (aquabolic, endorsed by Kim Tae Hee). Sorry, i don't have the ingredients list for any of these products.

The set consists of Aquabolic waterfall serum, waterfall cream, preperfection serum, mineral sleeping mask.
Note: i've skipped the water (toner) and the emulsion as i layer on other serums.

order of use: preperfection serum --> moisturising/balancing water (i skipped this)--> waterfall serum --> moisturising/balancing emulsion (i skipped this)-->waterfall cream --> sleeping mask (night use)

So far, i'm loving the entire line and it really helped to plumped up my skin and reduce the dreading effects of dehydration.

1. Prepefection serum

The preperfection serum is a first serum to help skin cells regenerate and to refine skin texture. It also helps cells to absorb efficiently your next skin care products.

The texture is runny gel-ly like liquid slightly brownish in colour.

The fragrance is strong but not overbearing. Easy to spread and delightful to use! it plumps up my skin tremendously! if i don't use this, my skin does not feel as plumped. It does refine the skin texture as it hydrates very well. Although it is fragranced, it does not irritate my sensitive skin at all. Thumbs up!

2. Aquabolic waterfall serum

This one is a moisturising/hydrating serum. The texture is a creamy white serum, like an emulsion.
It spreads easily and does not feel heavy. Again, it is fragranced but it does not irritate my skin at all. This is a very effective moisturising serum and it helps to hydrate my skin nicely. I can't do without this!
It does not absorb instantly. You will need to massage it for a while before it absorbs.
thus, it can feel a little heavy for oilier skin types, so beware.

3. Waterfall cream

Protects skin cell activity by supplying continuos long lasting hydration. Keeps skin moisturised for 12 hours. Contains Beta-glucan, mushroom polysaccharides, betaine, hyaluronic acid complex, and ceramides. 

Texture wise, it is a  gel- like cream, almost translucent in colour. 

Very light and spreads easily. You can feel a burst of water when you massage it into your skin. You don't have to use a lot, just a few dots on your forehead, chin, cheeks will do. Massage it in and your skin plumps up instantly! Very good product.

4. Mineral sleeping mask
Helps boost moisture overnight. Containing 13 kinds powerful moisturizing ingredients including bio-lipid capsules. What are these bio lipid capsules? they help recreate a moisture barrier for the skin. These tiny capsules when massaged is easily disintegrated and can be absorbed into skin.

A jelly like texture with tiny white beads (the bio lipid capsules)

This is also a fragranced product. Very light and easy to use. Just massage in until all the tiny capsules disappear. This leaves a protecting film of moisture that clings to your skin all night. You will wake up with soft will hydrated skin. 

Overall rating: 9/10 points. This is a superb line and if anyone has dehydrated skin, this will be your saviour.


Over to Sum 37's waterfull line now. Again, i do not have the ingredients list.

It uses the fermentation process using three kinds of flowers and bamboo sap to increase the density of deep hydration to make skin moist and vibrant. The fermented bamboo sap particles can penetrate into the skin layers deeply, thereby increasing the depth of the water density in the skin.

Items that i will be reviewing: timeless water gel cream, waterfull recharge essence, waterfull rebalancing gel lotion, waterfull skin refresher, waterfull perfect relief eye cream,  waterfull timeless moisturising cream

Order of product: refresher --> serum --> gel lotion --> eye cream --> moisturising cream or gel-cream

1. Waterfull skin refresher

This is the toner from the line. 
The texture is a clear transparent water. It smells citru-sy and is as it's name describes, refreshing! I usually use a cotton pad and swipe this all over after cleansing. Since it has a citrus like smell, i suspect it has some exfoliating properties to deal with sebum and dead cells. It mildly hydrates. Pleasant smell and you can use it like a normal toner.

2. Waterfull recharge essence

This essense is more like an emulsion to me. It is rather thick white creamy like, and it can even count as a moisturiser. It is very emollient.
I do not have any sensitivities using this but it can get a little heavy. Not too good for our tropical climate. But still passable as it increases the hydration level of the entire line. I do skip this sometimes and use it only at night.

3. waterfull rebalancing gel lotion

This is the emulsion from the line. Surprisingly, this has a much lighter texture than the serum and is a translucent gel texture.
It is almost transparent in colour and is a very light lotion. Great for the very hot weather. It goes on refreshingly because it is so light. Hydration wise, it is moderate. For oily skin types, using this alone will be enough but not for me. I usually need to add the gel-cream and or the cream from the same line.
Again this has a citrusy refreshing scent. Absolutely pleasant.

4. Waterfull Perfect relief eye cream

Hmmm, this eye cream is not a cream at all. More like a lotion gel. I don't find anything praise worthy about this. Hydration wise, it is passable.
It's texture as can be seen above, is a gel-like thick lotion. It needs quite some time to absorb so a little goes a long way.

5. waterfull timeless water gel cream
This is a new product added to the line. Originally, it was only the waterfull cream, now this is added for those who prefer a lighter version of it.
The texture is gel like, translucent cream. The scent is amazing! it reminds of you soft waves in the ocean!
It is surprisingly quite heavy and sticky and i must say, takes some time to absorb. Use only very little or you'll end up with some grease slick on your face. I find this a little too heavy for oily/combination skin types. Even with my dehydrated skin, i find it does not drink up the gel-cream. 

6. waterfull timeless moisturising cream
There is a recent upgrade on this cream. However, what i'm reviewing is the old version, not the upgraded one as i have not purchased the new one yet.

This is my second sample-sized tub and as you can see, it has reached the bottom! Tells you how much i like the cream. The scent of this is also very pleasant, and reminds of you of the perfume "oceanus"

The texture , although creamy, is light and easily absorbed. The finish is not as sticky as the new gel-cream, and it even ever-so slightly mattifies the skin. I find this pleasant to use and sometimes i would just use this alone after a warm shower. My skin drinks this up and it will feel nice and plumped.
It can get slightly oily if you apply too much. So just be miserly and use just enough to spread all over your face.

Overall rating: 7/10. From the entire line, i would recommend the refresher, emulsion and the old-version cream. Will need to try the new-version cream to see if it does any better.

I much prefer Hera's entire line to Sum 37's. Given sum 37's waterfull essence is quite heavy and their new gel-cream doesn't quite agree with my skin. The refresher and gel -lotion only mildly hydrates although they do refresh your skin.

Also, Hera's is way more hydrating than Sum 37's without being too emollient. I find sum37's waterfull line can leave me feeling sticky at times.
It is ironical that Hera's fragranced products goes so well with my overly-sensitive skin, yet Sum 37's natural products does not quite agree with my skin type.

You can purchase both lines in travel sized gift sets and give both a go. Who knows, you may like Sum 37's natural line more than i do.


  1. Hey, thx a lot for the review! I actually never considered hera aquabolic, but seeing ur review, I might try some samples later hehe
    my skin is actually on the oily side but its super duper dehydrated. It even got me this fine dehydrated lines T.T
    I thought sum's new gel cream will be lighter since its a gel textured, but it looks like its stickier than the cream. I already order the gel sample, maybe I'll pick up the cream later
    anyway, thx again for posting this. Luv reading ur blog ^^
    ps: looks like u into kdrama as well, I started watching Lie to Me (Yoon Eun Hye) and Miss Ripley (Lee Da Hae) this season n both pretty good so far. Maybe u wanna give it a try ^^

  2. yeah me too, i get dehydrated tired looking oily skin too. How did you like the sum's new gel? good for you?
    ohhhh, i'm waiting for the lie to me to finish up before i start watching. I just cannot start watching when the full set of episodes are not readily available! i usually spend a few long nights to finish one set of drama ;-)

  3. Just got my sum gel yesterday. Havent tried it out since I wanna try out whoo's seol first (desperate for whitening after days in the beach >_<)
    I always spend an hour every nite to watch smth b4 I go to bed, so I always immediately get any new episodes that came out haha
    I'm currently really enjoy City Hunter, Lee Minho looks awesome in there, even though I actually dun like him in his prev dramas, but in CH he looks very delicious haha

  4. hello hydeusrey,
    i prefer doing drama marathons, that's y i have to wait for the drama to at least have been 3/4 complete.
    Eh hehe, city hunter is still too early for me to start watching.
    But you should try baby faced beauty.......this is great stuff and so enjoyable.
    Hope you like the sum gel and do update your findings here.
    would love to hear from you.

  5. Hi,

    Id like to know where you purchased the Hera line but travel size or sample size because I would be interested to get one too,


  6. hi, so i found your first example picture of your hand with the serum on it on tumblr lol just posted by itself on a like dark/aesthetic (?) blog and i really liked it because i thought it had some like deep meaning and that the liquid was supposed to be like a tear lol, so i google image searched it and its just an example picture for a beauty product, so i thought that was funny and i would share that with you lol