Jul 4, 2011

Introducing Re:NK in Can you Hear my Heart Korean drama

Can you Hear my Heart is now up to 28 episodes.
Just two more episodes and it'll be ending.

Kim Jae Won is great! so is Hwang Jung Eum. They are so cute together.

The drama,  heavily "advertises" Re:NK, a Korean skin care brand!
Kim Jae Won is the director of Re:NK in the drama. With his pasty and "white" face, he is a walking testimony for the skin care brand. His skin is super smooth like baby's bottom and there is not a single pore or blemish close up! His skin is perfect! But it is too casper-like. In fact, it is absolute "white".

Take a look at his oh-so-perfect skin:

My gosh! i can't believe what i've been seeing. His skin is just too smooth. And seriously, there are no pores visible at all on all his close up shots. Even Hwang Jung Eum, with her radiant, smooth and healthy looking skin, close up shots made her pores visible.
He should be crowned king of porcelain and flawless skin! there is no maiden comparable, seriously!

Here are some of the shots from the drama with the backgrounds of Re:NK in them.

Re:NK has a few skin care lines under its umbrella:

Their whitening line, cell luminous:

Face up line:

Essential Moisture Line:

Extra Moisture Line:

Skin Renew Line:

Time Lab line: (to turn back time for your skin?)

Sunscreen UV line;

Men's line:

They also have make up products but i did not get the details on them.

The whitening cell luminous line seems to be the more popular line. And i would love to give it a try too.

Their spokesperson is Ko Hyun Jung:

She is born in 1971, making her a beautiful woman of 41 years in age.
she is super gorgeous for her age!
I would suppose than Re:NK serves to cater to the women above 35. As such, the products may be too rich for younger skin types.

Do let me know if you have tried out Re:NK's products.............


  1. He truly looks like a ghost. Nothing beautiful about it. I'm not an Asian so I don't fully understand the 'whitening' trend but still I prefer my man to look natural and vital and not like a geisha ;)

    1. Yea,exactly! I think this whitening is much suited for ladies with tanned skin and if they wanna be whitened! And dont forget,make-up,his naturally fair skin and the product cream plays a role in his whitened skin!

  2. hi anonymous,
    so true! exactly like a geisha! I wonder how they "whitened" him. I'm sure he is not quite so white naturally.
    I'm thinking it must be for the sake of the drama some reason or another, that he had to be that white. Is it to promote Re:NK's luminous line??

  3. Maybe you right and it is to promote their products but as I said I'm not into the whitening thing, so I don't have the understanding nor the knowledge about this issue.
    However, I think it's more because of the makeup he's wearing and not because of the products.

    1. Hi,yes. The Re:NK in the show was to promote their product. And for the part where the guy's face was especially white,both the product and the make-up play a part. And,I think he has a naturally fair skin so if he used the whitening cream,he would be even whiter plus the make-up. I hope you wouldnt have the wrong idea on Re:NK is not good or anything else :)

  4. hi anonymous,
    i'm sure makeup plays a part, but however, he doesn't look at all heavily made-up. In fact, it looks natural! So i'm still marvelling at his flawless skin. He he he.
    It's a very good drama and deserves a good rating.

  5. OMG! Ko Hyun Jung is 41 years old? She looks 20+ or so.

  6. hi babylynn,
    i think that's because i pasted her old picture. haha. google her up and look at her newer pics. But she still looks very young and fab at her age!

  7. How do you order this product if you live in the States

  8. hi anonymous,
    you can purchase these items from Gmarket.

  9. Hehehe, I am so jealous of his skin texture,he is a little bit on the pale side fir me. He does have a killer smile. This is a side note, are you interested in watching Muyng Wol the Spy? It is very fun.

  10. hehe, i'm waiting for myung wol to air a bit more episodes first. I really cannot bear to wait week after week to watch the next episodes.
    "Heartstrings" has been killing me because i started to watch once it aired, so the agony of waiting each week drives me crazy! crazy!