May 14, 2011

taiwan skin care review: AMPM antioxidants relaxing serum

Naruko , niu er brand also has another brand under its umbrella, namely AMPM.

It's official website together with naruko:

I'm having a good affair with naruko and ampm at the moment despite my marriage to korean skin care Hera and Sum37 (hehehe).

Would like to introduce today one of AMPM's items namely the AMPM antioxidants relaxing serum.

What it does:
 promotes skin metabolism and improves dull skin tone
helps fight against dehydration, dullness, ageing (3 types of defense)
The main purpose is to restore vitality to lack-luster skin tones. Boost antioxidants to protect cells from environmental damage and reduce dryness.

Ingredients list: (taken from the packaging it came in)

I really like this serum as it never failed to soothe my sensitive skin from the itch and dryness lately experienced with the fluctuating heat and rain weather. Whenever my skin flares up, i get red and sometimes peeling raw painful skin. This is my saviour! truly! When my skin starts to flare up , especially around my nostrils (it's always red in that area), i dollop this all over it and in a minute or two, the stinging and pain and dryness is zapped aways! ta-dah! feels a little like magic ;-)

I think it's because it has calendula extract and which is my saving star. I bought a pot of marigold/calendula gel earlier from gmarket and it also soothes.

But this one has much added antioxidants so it soothes even better. Antioxidants are very very good for the skin, in that it builds up the skin's defenses and helps soothe and placate damaged skin. It's also very good for anti-aging as it defends against free radicals from everyday UV rays and other pollutants.

This product does somewhat hydrate but not to the extent that you can skip a hydrating serum or a hydrating gel-cream.

Does it improve lack-luster skin tone? erm, i have yet to use it long enough to know, but i am gladly using it daily.

Because of my taking a liking to this product, i've decided to also venture into an affair with other AMPM and even Naruko products. That's why i've been getting more hauls.

will update soon.


  1. Hi! I was just wondering how you liked the ampm antioxidants relaxing serum? I'm thinking of buying it, but I wanted some other opinions! Thanks.

  2. hi millau, it's wonderful. You should get it. It really does soothe and relax irritated skin. whenever my skin irks up and starts getting red, irritated i use this to calm it down.