May 10, 2011

Japanese drama: liar game

I am in loooooveee

Ventured into japanese dramas of late............. and found treasure! Shota Matsuda, the damnedest little hottie ever!!
Why oh why are there such good looking males in the world and are all so out of reach??

Anyway, back to liar game. I watched all three seasons: seasaon 1 (11 episodes), season 2 (9 episodes) and the final is in a movie format around 1-2 hours.

Very very good series. It's a psychological thriller. No comedy nor romance whatsoever. I never cared for any series that has no romance, but this one is an exception and made it into my MUST WATCH list! The tricks, games, lies and deceit are very intelligently spun and highly sophisticated. It makes your brains work hard to catch the game. Haha, my brains are rusty already so it really gets my juices going.


My love, Shota Matsuda as Akiyama Shinichi

He is so so hot. When the series first began, i didn't care much about him, but as it progresses, his portrayal of the very cool headed, never smiling, always frowning , and possessor of super high intellect Akiyama-san, is such a winning combo. You wouldn't be able to get your eyes off him for sure!

Erika toda as naivete Nao Kanzaki (girl on left)

This girl possesses a sweet-as-honey face, so angelic. Good one. Perfect fit for her character of always trusting, forever naive and gullible, pure hearted Nao-chan.

A short overview of the series:
Naive Nao gets into a deadly series of games known as Liar Game. She has to contend with opponents for an unusually large sum of money as the prize money or lose with the same amount as debt. There is no choice but to win. However, Nao is a very kind-hearted and pure soul so it makes it extremely difficult for her to contend and win. She trusts even her opponents easily and faces an onslaught of lies and deceit.

She engages the help of the very handsome Akiyama who is previously a prisoner, and a mastermind swindler. He is the one who protects and helps Nao at EVERY single game. They have earned each others' trust and he inevitably helps Nao in her heroine quest of ending the liar game once and for all with TRUST and unity.

My thoughts:
I really really wanted some form of romantic development between the two leads but alas to say, there was none. I anticipated with every single episode that at least there will be some hint/form that the two will fall in love. Tch! very disappointed in this area. It certainly lacks in the romance department. How sad! if not the series would have been 101% perfect-o!
I was even "deceived" that there would be romance. I watched the preview for the final movie and saw Akiyama leaning real close to Nao and brushing her lip with his fingertips. I jumped for joy! way to go!! at last, romantic scenes!!.................No way! no such luck! watch the movie and find out what that scene really carries :-(

However, having that said, it is still such a good series you can't turn away. A real must-watch for me.

My rating of it would be 9 out of 10 points minus-ing 1 point for the lack or romance.

It's seriously that good. Go for it!

More pics of the hottie:

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