May 14, 2011

korean skin care review: peeling gel 1

A short review on peeling gels
1. Beauty credit's Coenzyme Q10 Peeling gel

 from Korea.

First off, Beauty Credit's Coenzyme Q10 Peeling gel

Sorry for the blurry picture, i'm not very good with cameras and i think my camera is out dated ;-)

It's a yellow large tube 150ml and in my opinion, value for money. It's inexpensive the tube lasts and lasts. It is enriched with Coenzyme q10 an anti-aging element. Here's a rather blurred ingredients list pic:
Hope you can view the ingredients list. I got this tube for about RM25++. so to me it is rather economical.

Reveal younger fresher skin with this gentle peeling gel made with extracts of apple and Coenzyme Q10. Use once a week to remove lifeless dull skin. Refreshes and rejuvenates skin instantly.

What is CoenzymeQ10: as we age we lose our natural ability to produce CoEnzyme Q10. Our skin cells become less active and loose vitality and bounce which is vital for a youthful appearance.

How to use:
My personal instructions -- take an amount equal to about our Malaysian 20sen coin size or less and spread all over (i even use it under my eyes) and on the neck if there is still left over. Leave on for a minute or two and then start rubbing your skin. The gel will start to peel forming white "peels" like a gommage.

My experience:
Wonderful! not drying for my sensitive dehydrated skin and i can feel a difference right after i use it. My skin is more bouncy and hydrated and smooth. I do not like to use harsh heavily beaded scrubs like st.ives apricot scrubs because they are too harsh on my sensitive skin. I can even use everyday with no problems
So i like gommage peels and this one works good for me.
But not when you have acne, because it is hydrating it is not recommended for acne skin types, but more for sensitive dehydrated or dry skin.

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