May 2, 2011

Gmarket haul 6

Yikes Gmarket is simply eating into my hard earned savings
i truly need to stop for some time, ...... i wonder if it would be possible??

Recent haul pics:

The EMS cardboard parcel box....

Bought some vitamin K cream for skin redness. Unfortunately, it was too oily for my skin. What a bummer.
A small kit of Vitamin A,B and E creams were given in sample sizes.

Hera aquabolic's well-known moisturising line. I'm glad i tried it, it's really good.
Consists of moisturising water, emulsion, serum, aquabolic waterfall cream, preperfection serum, mineral sleeping mask.
I also bought their line of cleansing emulsion and foam , just to try (first three tubes in the plastic bag)
Ok, so the steps are: cleansing emulsion --> cleansing foam --> preperfection serum (this is like first care serum in the sulwhasoo range) --> aquabolic water --> aquabolic serum --> aquabolic emulsion --> waterfall cream --> mineral mask (at night)

i actually skipped the aquabolic water and emulsion as i find the combination of preperfection serum, waterfall serum and the cream hydrating enough. will be getting more of the aquabolic cream as i really like it. There is a nutritive cream in the same line that i have yet to try.

Did not like the cleansers though, so i'm glad it's sample sizes. They left me feeling sticky, heavy and uncleansed.

Coreana nokdu's senite peeling gel (100ml tube). This was not what i wanted. i think i got cheated by the seller. This is a much cheaper version than the normal dark green nokdu peeling gel. Sigh....... will not buy from this seller ever again.

More coreana nokdu sheet masks (i find them pretty good). And wanted to try their line of cleansing emulsion and foams (sadly , i did not fancy the cleansers, again too sticky and heavy for my liking).

Hera preperfection serum and  aquabolic serum! (i'm glad i got these, they are great!)
lowest item in the pic is hera's retinol cream (gonna use it on smile lines).

Elishacoy's gold mineral bb cream 15 ml sized tube. Nope, no good for me, it dries me up and sits into my pores. If you'd like to get a hold of this, let me know.

 Sum37's white award luminous treatment sample sachets, and sunaway essential sun block spf 42PA+++
Currently, my fave sunblock! it's on the creamier side but surprisingly, does not feel heavy nor does it "pull" my skin like all the sunblocks that i've tried. It's not the best yet, but i am happily using it daily.

 Sum 37's 1102 extreme time control vital essence, and newly launched luminous concentrate! this luminous concentrate is like history of whoo's whitening intensive, which is a 4-week concentrated treatment for fair skin. Hope this treats the freckles and uneven skin tone :-)

Sum 37's  white detox mask ( i find it fun to use with the bubbles and foam tickling your face), and skin saver essential cleansing cream. The cleansing cream is ok but not fantastic, next up i'd like to try the cleansing foam from the same line.

Hera's sunmate air light spf30pa++ (orange sachets on the right) , it's meant to be a make up base. Powdery cream with mineral sunblock filter. the texture is like a creamy sunblock but quite thick and difficult to spread. I did not like it.
Hera's HD foundation in #21. Good stuff, this one! it makes my skin looked air brush! however, the colour is a bit on the yellow side. But i do like the feel of it, light and doesn't accentuate the pores. Doesn't look too made up when wearing this. However, no oil control, so wear an oil control primer prior to putting this on, i would suggest.

 Shu uemura's phyto-black range. I've always wanted to try this range from shu uemura but the very expensive price tags deterred me. When i saw sample sizes on Gmarket, i grabbed them immediately!
first off, radiance boosting lotion,
A lightweight lotion that activates skin cell turnover while giving a radiant glow and helps reverse the signs of aging. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types
This one contains AHA and i really wanted to start using some form of either AHA or BHA on my skin seeing how good the clinique turnover was for my sister.

Others in the picture: phyto black lift intense anti wrinkle concentrate, phyto black lift smoothing anti wrinkle emulsion.


  1. they are a few Hera sunblock available! I think u should have gotten the SUnmate Hera instead! It's really good :)

    Great to see more malaysians being exposed to brands like Sulwhasoo, Whoo, etc !

  2. hello hopeinablog!
    thanks for your comment. But which sunmate hera are you referring to? what colour is the packaging?