May 14, 2011

korean skin care: Sum37 sun-away essential sun block

Great Sun care:

well, i bought these in samples sizes from gmarket so i definitely do not have the ingredients list nor do i understand its Korean website description. (the packets on the right in the pic below)

It's protection factor: spf 42PA+++, this is more than sufficient for daily indoor usage and even when you venture outdoor under the hot scorching sun.

It's texture is on the creamy side but it is not thick and is easily spreadable. Although creamy, it does not leave a greasy heavy residue, in fact, it feels surprisingly light as a cream.

I really love this sun cream, it is so far the best of all the sun blocks that i have used in all these years! It does not leave me dry and tight , and it even leaves a nice soothing feel. It is so mild on my sensitive skin!
however, do note that i have rather dehydrated combo skin so my Tzone does get the oilies from this sun block. But i'd rather opt for this slight disadvantage than a drying pulling tugging sun block that promises no oilies.

So in my opinion, great for sensitive dehydrated skin. It really does soothe and is very mild AND promises high protection! Does not feel heavy nor greasy. It is the only high protection sun block that i can use.

There is a SPF50 one in the same line, perhaps once i finish this i'd give that a go.

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