May 14, 2011

korean skin care review: peeling gel 2

more peeling gels:

Coreana's Senite pure nokdu peeling gel

This one is so so so expensive, i bought it from gmarket at about 13500 wons (about RM38 excluding ems costs)! you can get two for about 8000-9000 wons from other sellers. What a rip off! I actually wanted a different version which is dark army green in colour similar to the colour of the coreana items below:

But instead i got the cheaper Senite version which makes it so expensive. My tube is 100ml. Definitely not economical!
Don't ever get from this seller (it's in my top blacklists list):  분장몰

i tried to get a refund but unsuccessful, even gmarket customer's service couldn't do anything for me. So i just opened and used it.

 I don't have the ingredients list as it in Korean, so sorry. 

How to use:
it works similar to the beauty credit coenzymeQ10 peeling gel that i've just reviewed in the previous post.
My personal instructions -- take an amount equal to about our Malaysian 20sen coin size or less and spread all over (i even use it under my eyes) and on the neck if there is still left over. Leave on for a minute or two and then start rubbing your skin. The gel will start to peel forming white "peels" like a gommage.

My experience:
It's ok, not the best. It leaves my skin mildly hydrated, and smooth. I much prefer Beauty Credit coenzyme Q10 peeling gel which leaves my skin more plumped and bouncier. And Beauty Credit's is definitely way more economical at only RM25-30 for 150ml.
I have no problems using this for my dehydrated and super sensitive skin even on a daily basis. No stinging etc, so it's mild enough for everyone. Not sure about acne skin types though.

conclusion: Better go for Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 peeling gel.

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