May 22, 2011

gmarket haul 7

Gosh i've been purchasing more stuff form Gmarket, my oh my!!

EMS parcel box: this time it wasn't that huge, just a small-ish haul

It is more skin care products and samples................ again! I'm so into skin care ............. sigh. What an expensive hobby.

So what do i have here today?

More sum 37!! the newly released waterfull line's gel cream!

Sum 37 Waterfull: timeless water gel cream. This is newly launched and it is a much lighter version of the earlier waterfull cream. The waterfull cream has also been upgraded but i have yet to purchase those. I'm thinking to finish this first as there are quite large sachets compared to the normal sample size sachets.
The texture is pretty light. I have yet to really fall in love with this one though. It seems it does not plump up my skin as much. But i'll give it longer try before i conclude.

Pore Care
Next up, i've been dying to try some korean pore care serums. So far i've used western ones like :
1. cellnique's sebum gel - it seems to be softening my blackheads but the black and white heads still persists
2. and even the exorbitantly expensive sothy's skin mattifying solution. - this is far too drying and expensive
3. Also tried estee lauder's skin refinisher. - this clogged up my pores! i think it's because of the silicone or some other ingredients. This is also expensive!

What did i purchase:
1. Hera's pore control serum (right on the pic)
2. Sum 37's pore corrector (left on the pic)

I will try these out and let you know the findings. First impressions: i like Sum 37's much better because it is a clear slightly sticky gel like texture that hydrates and plumps. Hera's really mattifies and is slightly drying. But i'm not sure of the effectiveness of each. Gotta give both more time to tell. So far i have no sensitive reaction to both.

And still on my quest for the perfect sunscreen:

1. Charmzone's albatross powder sun spf 41PA++
2. Ohui's newly released: Sun science perfect sunblock red Ex, SPF50 PA+++ waterproof
3. ohui's newly released: sun science perfect sunblock black ex, SPF50PA+++ waterproof

Look out for my post on first impressions of these sun blocks.

More Hera stuff:

Hera's aquabolic balancing water and emulsion. I figured that the aquabolic moisturising (for dry skin) is a little heavy for my combo skin so i decided to try the one for oily/combo skin.
Also, item on right in pic, Hera's white program effector. Hera's whitening line concentrated serum. Unfortunately this gave me bumps and it made my skin itch! how sad :-(

I'm so in love with the aquabolic line that i stock up on the preperfection serum, aquabolic waterfall serum and the aquabolic waterfall cream. I don't think i can spend a day without these, especially the first two items. And i'm not prepared to be in a panic position where i have none left  and have to wait for a re-purchase from gmarket to arrive. No! not a day without these.

Some mixed samples and purchases:

Erm, I'm not really sure who the man is and what's in the packet. I suspect it's a man's sheet mask. This was a free gift from one of the seller's. I'll have to find a time when my man have some time in his hands to try a sheet mask on before i can rip it open.
Next to the mask, in the jewel floral encasement is history of whoo's secret court lip and cheek balm.
I also purchased history of whoo's whitening sun cream which has a creamy texture with a very light pink tint to it.
The other 4 items on the front of the pic are free samples with history of whoo's hwahyun serum and sum 37's wrinkle corrector. Does anyone know how to use the wrinkle corrector?

A more detailed view of history of whoo's secret court lip and cheek balm:

Isn't the casing simply beautiful?? it makes me feel so royal using it! It's got sparkly bejewelled-like floral gold round casing. The colour of the lip balm is simply gorgeous! i tried some on my lips and the colour is like you just ate some refreshing strawberries! it sure doesn't look like you've got any lipstick on. It looks pure natural healthy looking reddish lips. Have not tried on my cheek though.

A description on the box:
especially designed for both lips and cheeks. it will add not only color but also liveliness onto your face.

More english descriptioni from website:

Secret Court Lip Balm
Secret Court Lip Balm is a super-moisturizing lip balm specially designed to protect your lips from excessive dryness.  Containing 32 herbal medicinal ingredients that were once available only for the court royal members, Secret Court Lip Balm will help to retain healthy and youthful lips.  Its condensed ointment type lip balm stays on your lips long enough to make your lips moist and shine all daySecret Court Lip Balm moisturizes and give elasticity to the delicate lips.  Heavily uses the ancient formula Milchaekdeol to quench the thirst of dry and dehydrated lips. 
Direction: Use as an intensive treatment before going to bed, and apply liberally in the morning to give the lips protection against the elements.

Secret key's honey bee venom AC control serum:

It's a set of AC control spot serum using bee venom to kill of your acne and pimples. They gave a free tube of bee venom foam wash which i don't think i'll be using. Somehow i have a feeling that it will be very drying for my skin type. Also samples of snail repairing essence and snail repairing cream.

An inside into the AC control serum box:
2 serums inside, labelled serum I and serum II.
You have to dab it on your spot and acne. Can't wait to try these bee venom stuff and see those ugly bumps get poisoned and stung by the venom!!

Secret key gave me more samples:
Great stuff! i've been wanting to try most of these and i'm so glad they gave me a variety of samples.
1. Snail repairing bb cream
2. Moisture cream
3. deep cleansing powder wash, acai berry (to brighten skin)
4. deep cleansing powder wash, rice
4. more snail stuff: repairing cream and the repairing essence, both of which i have full sized products

That's all for today!


  1. hey! I didnt know that sum37 has a pore product! from which line was it if u could tell me? do u hv any review? I'm looking for some good pore shrinking/tightening/diminishing product rite now hehe
    oh btw, since u've tried sum37 waterfull cream, how would u like it to compare with hera aquabolic? thx b4 ^^

  2. hi hydeusrey,
    which line? hmmm , it's in the section together with the wrinkle corrector, amazing peeler (i'm gonna try this!) etc. which does not belong to any line. These are just products on its own.
    I don't have any review yet as i just started using it. But so far i'm liking the texture very much.

    Well, i will post up a review on the sum 37 waterfull cream versus the hera aquabolic since you requested. I was gonna do it after i tried it for a longer period, tee hee hee. Do wait for a while.

  3. Ah that section, I remember the amazing peeler, but didnt remember the pore corrector haha
    I was about to try the peeler too, but found some review that say it wasnt that good, n the price is pretty steep, so I thought of trying innisfree wine peeling softener instead
    will wait for ur review then ^^ thx

  4. pls support the purchase of full-sized products too^^ if not hera, sum37 etc will go bankrupt :D

  5. i think the pore corrector has been discontinued for quite some time already! be careful and make sure it's not pass the expiry date!

  6. hi
    anonymous, i would so love to purchase the full sized. but unfortunately, tax and customs issues are not easily dealt with.
    I do much prefer to use the pretty full sized products. The samples are really quite cumbersome and very messy to use :-(

  7. hi hopeinablog,
    i'm pretty sure the pore corrector is something new. So no worries about expiration dates.

  8. hi hydeusrey
    good, do let me know how the innisfree wine peeling softener goes, ya!

  9. love your hauls. esp the secret court's just too pretty! can you let me know which seller you got it from?

  10. hi belle,
    this seller

  11. thanks...keep up the good work on the reviews

  12. I am addicted to Gmarket too. Will you please let me know who is the seller for your sunscreen? I would like to try some new sunscreen samples before commit in buying a full size version? Thank you.

  13. hi kooslee,
    which sunscreen are u referring to? for the ohui ones, samples are available here:

    they also have the whoo whitening sun cream samples.

  14. I am looking forward to try that ohui sunscreen. I don't think that seller carry albatross sunscreen. I want to try that too. Do you remember that seller? I have full size whoo whitening sunscreen. It is on the oily side for my combo skin and it is hard to spread it evenly on my face, but once I got the right amount, it really brighten my face.

  15. hi kooslee,
    i can't remember where i got the albatross sunscreen from. I'll try to dig around and get back to you later, ya.

    i agree with you, the whoo whitening sunscreen is not my fave. It leaves an oily sheen after awhile and feels a little heavy.