Jan 18, 2010

review ICEGIRL 3 Seconds Sun Protector Cream

SPF 35 , 10g sunscreen.

 why was i attracted to this?
because it claims to get you ready for dates in 3secs!

here's the seller's decription:
"- it is also known as 'dating' cream
- no more dark face, dark knee, dark elbow, dark underarms, dark bikini line
- Get immediate results and  fairness with ruddiness
- after washing, also can last for fairness one whole day
- from natural ingredients whereby long term usage can produce fair results permanently"

~ you believe?

let's see: my experience:
Very thick texture, not my type, because i have dry skin so i prefer more liquid textures to glide on my skin.
Very white coloured cream. I slathered on my face and to my horror, it was so thick and white and very difficult to spread, so i ended up with patches of white all over my face. I thought it was like my normal sunscreen in watery liquid creamy form, easy to spread.

i washed off and started all over again, this time with much much lesser amount. Well, it was instant whiteness truly. But the fact that i can't spread it on my eyes make me look like a panda. Results: white fair face with dark eyes!

you need to spread on the neck too to avoid colour difference. I have to think of something to cover up my eyes, perhaps a concealer.

conclusion: not something i will re-purchase.

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