Jan 18, 2010

review polynia red wine face cream, poor people's SKII

Polynia Instant White Wine Essence
(this brand is from taiwan, website:

Got this off a seller : 120ml tub at RM41.70
And this is the seller's description:
~ Strongly recommended by 吴佩慈 (who's this?)
~ Hot selling in Taiwan,
~ Known as poor people's SKII
~ Apply on clean skin til fully absorbed.
~ Suits all skin type, but not recommended for very sensitive skin
~ Moisturise, tighten pores, and gives you a crystal clear skin

Haha, i was attracted to it because of this: "poor people's SKII"
so much cheaper than SK2, worth a try.
and such a big tub!

the description by the seller is that it's an essence. But when i received the item, it feels more like a moisturiser to me.
From the polynia website (direct translation+ my own version:)
wine meal can give the skin soft, nourishing essence, effective compaction skin to keep skin Hydra Whitening

To suppress the underlying skin melanin, promote the improvement of rough pigmented skin, making skin more supple & crystal clear!

~ can you resist such a claim?

ingredients (direct translation):
Sorghum wine extract, Chinese herbal medicine compound Mei Bai (peony, Huangcen root, saxifrage, arbutin, glutathione, Vit-C, tyrosine-based inhibitory factor), bitter ginseng extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Moisturizing Factor , olive oil, refined oil, PP skin care products preservative, MP skin care product preservative, deionized water

My experience:
The cream is milky white creamy texture and cold! i like it cold.
My skin has started to peel of late (dunno y, i think it may be the sudden changes in weather causing my skin to really dry up).
so i slather it on my nose and cheeks,.............

my first impression................ very strong "sake" smell. As its name states, it is made of wine. And it's the first ingredient listed. It felt a little hot my skin after a while, just like you drink wine and it warms up your tummy.

Well, i don't feel anything else after that, have to use for a longer period to see if it does what it claims. Can't wait for crystal clear skin like carina lau's!

has to be finished off in 3months once opened, aargh, such a big tub!!
anyone wants samples? i can do 3g samples for RM1.20

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