Jan 18, 2010

review : L'egere multi white bb cream

i bought the sample size for this bb cream from a seller selling 3g samples.
i wanted to try it based on good reviews by other bloggers and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

My skin condition/colour:
i have seriously dehydrated skin (combination skin) and it needs a lot of hydration and moisture. also , it is sensitive. Am chinese with fair medium tone.

BB cream intro (copied off ebay!):

- sun protect + makeup base + skin cover + foundations for 24hrs

- Acts effectively on irritated skin, concealing dermal blemish and helps skin rejuvenation with innovative active ingredient
- Blocking te penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors
- This silicon-based formula defines a natural, long lasting complexion with gentle calming effects of natual, plant derived soothing particles not only on oily and sensitive skin, but also on irritated skin following peel care

Good For:
- Skin that needs protection, irritated skin by peeling and laser procedures, sensitive and troubled skin

BB cream description & history of my experience:
it comes in a rather dark tanned creamy shade. However, when smoothed onto skin, it is not dark at all, and surprisingly, it suits my skin tone pretty well. I've tried a few other bb creams and they all go on grey on my skin! so i detested bb creams because of that. 1 day when i was wearing my very first bb cream for the first time, my sister commented that i looked grey! what a bummer, from then on i stayed away from the BBs!

Good points:
1. this one is surprisingly good. No greyish tone at all.
2. Covers dark circles nicely (of course it does not totally eliminate, but it acts as a concealer. most BBs are sheer and cannot conceal very well.
3. Does not irritate my sensitive skin
4. does not break me out.
5. supposedly to have whitening function, but i've not used it long enough to tell if it does

my only gripe is it is not moisturising enough for me, and it tends to give me a tight feeling eventhough i have moisturised my skin beforehand.

conclusion: Good product! You should get it.

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