Jan 18, 2010

review Gowoonsesang BB cream

BB cream with 30SPF++ 60ml
 Made in korea, dermatogically tested and used. doctor's formula

spplied special skin moisturisation system using 2 different ingredients: hydrophillic and lipophilic ingredients. It focussed inner and outer in human skin. Inner care is for the water holding effect using hydrophillic ingredient. outer care is for the water preventing effect using lipophilic ingredient.

INner and outer care system using arbutin and titanium dioxide ingredients.

i got this from SASA, the full sized bottle. Y? because the SA was going gaga all over it, and i believed! aargh i  really dislike myself for being so easily "persuaded".

My experience:
It's creamy and thick and the colour has a slight greyish tone.

guess what?? it turned out grey on my skintone!! i hate it! and worst still, it was so drying that i had to wash it off like after two hours.
i thought the grey tone would disappear after like half an hour, but it didn't!

However, there are many good reviews on it, like this from LYN:
good in oil controling...
having a nice acne controling property
good in concealing all the spot/pimple mark
after applying:
my face looks shine...
like suddenly become very light
it makes my skin looks healthier


i guess it's for oily skin and acne prone skine but definitely not dry/dehydrated skin like mine. and perhaps my skintone does not match. Let me know if you yours didn't turn out grey on your skin.

conclusion: not for me.  I've a full sized tube of it, any1 wants 3g samples? or better still, take the full bottle off me at RM25 only!!sold

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