Jun 13, 2012

Update on Weight-y issues

Earlier i had some issues outlined here, wherein i shed weight too fast:, back in august 2011.

Pork belly:

Fatty lamb cuts:

As of today:

UPDate: June 13th 2012, 
very much balanced now. I am 163-164cm in height and my weight is now pretty much balanced at 47+kg. Phew, the shoving food into my stomach phase is a thing of the past now. I believe i have to keep my blood sugar and weight steady and thus, once a week, i eat a fat rich heavy meal, like pork belly meat, lamb/beef cuts with full fats on them. And this keeps me going. On normal days, i eat chicken thigh with fats still left intact, fish on occasion, lean pork, chicken breast meat etc. The key is, i must have meat at least twice a day and the animal fats as well, if not, i'll be yo-yo-ing on my weight and get sleep issues.

Of course, veggies are important too, but to me, meat is now of utmost importance. Veggies do accompany each meal i eat so i won't be deprived of greens and veggie goodness.

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