Jun 18, 2012

best Korean Drama 2012: Queen In Hyun's Man, their dating!!

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are really dating!

spotted on a night date at the park

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Aaargh, i'm so happy for them :-)

all smiles for them.

Narrative from allkpop:

Ji Hyun Woo has been in the headlines all month for his surprise confession to actress Yoo In Na. It seems she’s finally given him a response, as the two were caught by the cameras of Sports Seoul on a nighttime date!
Just 10 days after his public confession, the couple was spotted taking a stroll through a park in Kyungkido on the morning of June 17th. Their date was said to have been as romantic as their relationship on their tvN drama. The two were seen holding hands while circling the park around Yoo In Na’s home late into the night. The way they gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled gave away their feelings immediately.
On empty streets, they were even seen getting more comfortable with skinship by hugging each other’s waist or slinging an arm across a shoulder. As if she was genuinely happy to be spending time with him, she gave him aegyo looks which Ji Hyun Woo responded with ecstatic smiles and laughter.
A representative of their drama, ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man‘, explained, “Compared to other leading couples of dramas, the two were exceptionally caring and took care of each other well. Their kiss scenes were realistic, and many whispered about whether they were dating in real life or not.
Another official said, “They’ve been public with their relationship to the point where staff members of the hair salon they both go to already know about their relationship status. It seems their feelings for each other grew from not only the drama set, but also from how often they saw each other at the hair salon.”
Although Ji Hyun Woo is two years her junior, his masculinity was what caught her attention. He’s never been shy about showing his feelings towards her in public places.
A representative of Ji Hyun Woo’s agency expressed, “We first have to check with them. We have nothing to say at the moment.”
Yoo In Na’s agency gave a similar response, stating, “We will have to check with them.”

UPdate: Yoo In Na has confirmed it!
They are admittedly in a real genuine relationship! Wee hee!
Seems like they just started going out two days ago.
Two days ago, I called Ji Hyun Woo who calmly waited for me through a very anxious situation, and while we were walking in the park, we decided that he will stop being ‘In Hyun’s Man’ and instead, start being ‘Yoo In Na’s Man’.

Great news!