Jun 13, 2012

best Korean Drama 2012: Queen In Hyun's Man

Spoilers ahead!

oh my god!!
2011-2012 had been a rather dull year for korean dramas.
Until...............queen in hyun's man!! this on deserves two thumbs up with two legs up as well!! I loooove this drama so much.
Chemistry between the leads is simply AMAZING!! Jjang!

This drama is highly prized for its non-cliched uniqueness and everything about it is perfect! Script was good, storyline was fantastic, climax is superb, directorship/cinematography is excellent, and Ji Hyun Woo is the best!~~
It gets you magnetised in your seat to watch episode after episode non-stop. You just cannot stop.

Extremely compatible, perfect chemistry leads:

Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Bung Do
This big guy, and i mean big (standing at 188cm tall!), is simply amazing to the max in this drama! it's no wonder he wins over so many fans with just a smile. Seriously, he does not have many facial expressions in the drama and that gives his smile even more mega watts when his eyes start twinkling and crinkling. This, this only happens when he is with Choi Hee Jin ( Yoo In Na).
You can literally taste the tenderness and warmth in the air when he looks and smiles so tenderly at Choi Hee Jin. Killer! killer!

Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin
Eeeeek! have you ever seen such a cutie? She's perfect for the role. Her facial expressions, gestures and overall physical presentation really hits the spot. Her aegyo is perfect and just too cute. Nothing over the top yet "heavy" enough to drive you nuts! haha. Who could resist such a cute pout? who could resist the mischievous twinkly smile? Even if it doesn't melt your heart, you would basically forget her wrong doings and just let it go~ that's how powerful her "Cuteness" is.

The drama portrays Kim Bung Do, a man living in an era 300 years ago, zipping back and forth between his time and the present 2012, where he meets our cute Choi Hee Jin. The story goes on with how they fall in love and their strong fate and love brings them to the end.
“Queen Inhyun’s Man’ is a romantic fantasy drama that tells the story of a Joseon era heartthrob scholar who travels in time for the reinstatement of Queen Inhyun, but falls in love with an unknown actress in the future.(credits to

The director loves to present different angles of a scene in one shooting which is rather cleverly done and adds a new dimension to us viewers. For example, see the pic below, Choi Hee Jin is getting her hair and makeup done in this scene, and the screen presents 4 different angle shots of the same scene. Pretty unique.

There are plenty of split scenes too that add a touch of "cinema" feel to it, showing different simultaneous happenings at the same time, like these:

The drama boasts plenty of rom-com moments in the present time and yet good solid kingdom treachery/rebellion and action in the past time.
Get ready to be balled over with sugarcoated honey-ed cute moments that will make your heart flutter. Man! the chemistry between the leads is no joke!~
I'll try to post some snapshots here but as of now, just trust me, the drama!

And the kiss scenes????? haha, you wouldn't believe how many kiss scenes there are in the drama and each one takes intensity level up one notch until it reaches the end,,, whoaaa,,,,,.....
First a smack on the lips, then more smacks, then car kiss, then full on french kissing, stepping on toes kiss,  more lovey dovey spaghetti eating kisses (lady and trump?), tie pulling kisses.............heck, do i need to continue? Watch the drama.
The best loved tip-toed kiss:

The ‘tippy-toes’ kiss took place when Yoo In Na, who was 22cm smaller than Ji Hyun Woo, started to stand on tip toes while exchanging a kiss and continued to creep closer until she had climbed on top of Ji Hyun Woo’s feet. The scene especially drew out its romantic mood through a one-minute-long long-take. (credits to

I love them.

Cutesy spaghetti eating kiss~~ yum!!

Heart wrenching sobs anyone? you'll be having heart aches for a day from episode 14 onwards. It tore my heart apart at this scene, Choi Hee Jin was sobbing tearfully learning of Kim Bung do's death:

ALL and i mean ALL her sobbing scenes are so very well done you can't find any flaws in it. They all make my heart twist in pain and my eyes well up in uncontrollable tears. Without knowing, you'll be bawling with hand-stuffed tissues. Bravo to Yoo In Na! she must've put in a lot of effort to be bawling her guts out in front of the camera. Bravo!

Ji Hyun Woo, apparently fell for Yoo In Na in real life too. Google Ji Hyun's Woo's confession and get a load of stuff on it. He confessed his love for her in front of fans and camera during a fan meeting and caused a worrisome stir.

I think they do look good together and yeah, fully support if they do go out in real life!

Rating: 9/10 must watch!!

Well i'm not sure what happened after that, will Yoo In Na accept his love?

PS: i favour this drama over rooftop prince, which was ok by the way.

NG scenes on youtube:


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