Jun 18, 2012

Korean skin care review: Sidmool and Innisfree

I've forgotten to post up my gmarket hauls when i got these items in January 2012. But anyhow, here are the reviews of 3 items from my haul.

Sidmool's enzyme cleansing gel.
I've been using this since January on a twice daily wash. This item foams up like a foam cleanser but is very gentle and does not strip your skin dry.
In addition, it can remove mild makeup, bb creams, sunblock too.
I've been using this as my sunblock remover in the evening and so far so good. No breakouts from clogged pores, so i  suppose this cleanser does remove and clean your pores from sunblock.
The trick is to wash your face twice with the cleanser. The first wash, there won't be much foam, but on the second wash, it'll be easier to swirl all the foam around your face and massage it gently.

As i have sensitive skin, i try to use natural stuff on my face as much as possible, and am trying to cut out most of the chemical nasties. This item is great and does not aggravate my sensitive, prone to redness skin.

Rating: 8/10, good for sensitive skin

Innisfree ecosafety no sebum sunblock
7-free, oil control 100% mineral filter,
with organic sunflower oil and green tea

This sunblock, hmm, i was attracted to it because it says 100% mineral filter. Which suits my preference now for natural skin care. Chemical filters are supposedly very bad for the skin. Mineral filters are physical blockers like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are not supposed to absorb into your skin. They sit like a protective barrier on top of skin and gets washed off by sweat, wiping, foam cleansers etc.
There is slight nude tint to it but when you smear it on your face, it gives a slight whitish cast which most mineral filters will as they are physical blockers and they are white in solid form.
I'm fine with the slight white cast as it sorts of give me "better" looking skin.
However, this sunblock is quite drying for me. Perhaps its because of the "oil control" factor that gives this dried out feel. I use this when my face feels extra oily.
I don't have the ingredients in english though.

Rating: 6/10, suitable for very oily skin

Innisfree eco natural suncare bb sunbalm
with sunflower. SPF50PA+++
Enriched with organic, sunflower, and organic lavender, organic chamomile , eco natural BB matches your individual skin tone.

As you can see, i have reached the bottom of the pan already.
I really like the feel of this on my skin. It does smoothen skin out a little, but what i like about it is the feel. It does not dry and pull and tug at my skin, instead it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable. This it the number one thing that i look for in skin care -- comfort and hydration. It does leave me looking oilier than the no sebum sunblock, but i can deal with it by just blotting my skin with tissue.
I much prefer this over the no sebum sunblock.
The tint is for darker skin though. As i do not have fair  skin, it suits me quite well. On certain days it does make me look a little darker, but mostly , it suits my skin colour quite well.
I wish i could get the ingredients list in english, i want to see if they have any nasty chemicals in there. I'm trusting that chemicals are a minimum since the title of the item is "eco natural suncare".
So far, no breakouts from this item or sensitive redness or itchiness.

I'll be restocking this item for sure.

rating: 9/10, good for sensitive skin

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