May 28, 2012

Korean Drama : Feast of the Gods

This is a 2012 drama to be remembered!! I thought it was a light hearted drama. The name and the poster drew me to it as i like to watch cooking shows. The poster looked so upbeat and colourful giving the impression of a lighthearted, heart warming comedy with a light touch of romance.

I was so wrong. This drama is full on melo and quite dramatic. All about mixed up childhood and harboured ill feelings and guilt. Romance was also full on but nothing light. However, one thing is for sure, the cooking scenes are so beautifully featured and very very colourful. Lovely!

The storyline wasn't too bad and the star of the show?? hehe, none other then............... read on .................with spoilers!

1. Sung Yu Ri as Go Joon Young
This pretty thing just got prettier!! Her last drama in "romance town" was a  bummer, it was disappointing. But this one is really good. I think she performed very well and she was able to embody the fullness of her character.
Joon Young harbours no ill feelings toward anyone despite her traumatic childhood experiences. Being separated from her parents and growing up the hard way, she trudges through life with a very positive easy going heart. This pretty thing charms her ways into others' hearts so easily without her being conscious of her charms.
And guess whose hearts she manages to capture along the way???

two amazingly good looking hunks!! Can you believe it? two hunks!

2. Joo Sang Wook as Choe Jae Ha
Owww, aren't they cute in the pic?
Joo Sang Wook belongs to a well-to-do family from the prestigious authentic traditional Korean restaurant, named Arirang. Jae Ha and Joon Young were supposed to be childhood friends, but through twisted events, Joon Young was lost as a child and she grew up in a remote island away from the city.By fate, they meet while Jae Ha was on an errand in the island. Without knowing Joon Young's real identity, he was charmed by her lively ways and soon when Joon Young moves into the city to work in Arirang, he begin to be wholly captivated by her despite him having a girlfriend.

3. Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon
This is it! This is it! He's the highlight of the entire drama!! seriously, his smiles are just too captivating!~~~

This hunk of hunks never looked to hunky! I watched plenty of his older work and was never captivated by him despite his good looks. But in this drama, somehow , it must be the character of Kim Do Yoon so well written and portrayed, it made Lee Sang Woo stand out a lot! Like a screaming bright morning star!

Do Yoon harbours anger and resentment toward his only family member, his mother. And grew up with only one goal, to avenge the death of his twin brother whom his mother indirectly killed. He is very reserved and is a man of few words. His trademark? a slight raising of eyebrows and a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders speaks all.  Haha, i've never seen shrugging of shoulders as cute, but my-oh-my, Do Yoon's trademark shrug is soooo cool. He does not need to smile, he just shrugs his shoulders and walks away from any conversation leaving the challenger dumbfounded and best of all, irritated to the max.

With such aloofness and skewed purpose in life, he has no friends, and never lets anyone break into his personal perimeter..................well, that was until he meets Go Joon Young. This charming girl, like a witchcraft spell, enters into this personal space and more, touching and piercing his heart. He falls for her hard, very hard. And his purpose in life now encompasses loving only Go Joon Young. He cares not whether she returns his love, his only purpose is to love her. And man! does he do it so sweetly. The things he does for her are totally to-die-for even risking his life over deathly mushrooms that can cause him serious effects, and he never expects anything in return.

And he only only only smiles at Go Joon Young. When he parts his lips and reveals two perfect rows of white pearly teeth, any girl would definitely swoon! And his physique, hah, need i say more? Of course, korean dramas are infamous for their male stars going topless in the shower, so...................

4. Seo Hyun Jin as Ha in Joo
Owwww, she did a really good job.
It's the first time i laid my eyes on her and i think she did a really really great  job. She takes on the villain role in the drama and man, you just can't restrain from wanting to slap her left and right.
She's gorgeous as well! She does not have the typical Korean actress-cum life doll look with humongous large luminous eyes, too sharp and tall a nose bridge, and sharply shaved jaw lines.
Seo Hyun Jin looks amazingly gorgeous and natural with the smallish eyes and her very pale skin. The only Korean actress that i know who looks so beautiful with small eyes. Her skin is amazing! not a blemish to be found, not a wrinkle, not a line!  She's born in 1985 whereas Sung Yu Ri is born in 1981. Well, no wonder her skin is so much tighter and refined. I think she has unique looks and characterise Korean/asian small slanted eyes beautifully.

My opinion:
Great drama! so far, 2012 has been a boring year and there's nothing much i can update with. But with this drama, Korean drama seems to have made its comeback again for me.
It's a joy to watch and i mostly like to watch Kim Do Yoon with Go Joon Young. I root for them all the way! they make the cutest couple!

There are some fast-forwarding moments where the drama seems to tarry on some teary scenes and older adult challenges. But all in all, worthy of my time.

Rating: 7/10 (lowered rating due to many fast-forwarding scenes)

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