Dec 19, 2011

Available for purchase: Charm Infinitely Whitening Cream

With numerous requests as to where i purchased my Charm infinitely Whitening Cream,
i am now offering it for purchase over the internet. I only have a few limited units on hand.

Payment method: Paypal for international buyers

Postage: Normal Air Mail (charges will apply, will be calculated based on the country to be shipped to)

Price: RM170 excluding shipping fees

Summarised roughly translated version: "The packaging is too cute! and caught my attention on the first glance. I don't really like lotions/emulsions but the winter has left me with dry skin. I am looking for a suitable moisturising/emollient product for my skin, and found Charm. Texture is light and moisturising, not sticky. My skin is usually dry and easily flakes/peels. With Charm, this dryness and flaking has much improved. My skin was dull and sallow from insufficient sleep, but after only 1 week of usage, it has brightened up! Day or night, with just the use of Charm, my skin care problems are solved. With just Charm alone, there is nourishment, moisturisation, and whitening properties. It is very suitable for lazy girls like me. I particularly like the faintly sweet scent that perks me up and relaxes my senses."

My Previous post:
Charm Infinitely Whitening Cream.
This is a whitening cream. It has been strongly raved in taiwan, so i thought i'd get a tub to see if it lives up to its ravings.
Introducing the CHARM Infinitely Whitening Cream- 30g
Nature Bright Formula, Patent Whitening Actives, Herbal Extracts, Pearl Powder.

It's a multi-fuction cream - moisturising, nourishing, whitening, refining texture.
Contains natural and biochemical whitening actives to brighten your skin tone. Green tea extract and tocopheryl acetate to fight free radicals, WSK (Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract, hayluronic acid and polyquaternium-51 to moiturise skin.
It also depresses the formation of melanin and prevents freckles and spots.
Here's the functions on the box: 


Comes in a classy diamante lilac-pink tub 30g. Very pretty................: 

It also encloses a spatula for easy scooping. 

Here's a shot on the white cream like texture: 


  1. hi, you can drop me an email with your address at the "contact me" button on the right hand column, or let me have your email here.


  2. could you explain me well how to pay gmarket with paypal?when i click Pay button, nothing appears , what should i do now?

  3. hi, hoa minh,
    i'm not sure, perhaps it's your browser problem? use internet explorer.

  4. Hi where did you purchase this whitening cream? (:

  5. hi apple,
    got it through a relative's friend in taiwan. You may get it through taiwan agents too.

  6. Hi how can I buy this cream from which agent