Dec 14, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Jung Il Woo's nose

Flower boy Ramyun Shop, zeroing in on Il Woo's nose!

EEEEEYAAAA! I'm thoroughly enjoying this series ! so much! It's been a while since i've gotten so hooked onto a kdrama. I think the last one was secret Garden.
I'm done up to ep 12 now and waiting for the subs to be released for ep 13-14.
Next week will be the finale of the drama, ep 15-16. Oh! i'm already starting to feel the pangs of missing it.

The story and plot is rather cheesy but i must say, the script and directorship are well presented , enough to captivate its targeted audience. Of course, Jung Il Woo is the main captivating ingredient in this "ramyun", melting in your mouth with each scene he is in.

Jung Il Woo also starred in "the return of Iljimae" but that one could not capture my attention even with his oh-so-dashing good looks. I gave up in ep 8 or 10. I think it's because "the return of iljimae"s plot/story is not well written and poorly presented. The directorship and scenery were great, but somehow, the story and progress of the plot was boring. Even with such yummy to-die-for eye candy as Jung Il Woo, "the return of iljimae" is a failure for me.

So with the above paragraph as evidence, it is not just because of Jung Il Woo's presence that makes "flower boy ramyun shop" a pure winner. The presentation of the albeit-weak-storyline, is the winner! Bravo to the director and script writer for bringing it out in such lively fashion.

Back to the main topic, Jung Il Woo's nose:

Ah, when it comes to celebrity snoop out, i keep picking on their appearance. Jung Il Woo, in my opinion, touched up his nose!!!!!!!! The first episode of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop had me staring and re-staring at him, not just because of his boyish looks, but because there seemed to be something off, something different, something slightly "strange" about him,.............. after much hesitation, i zeroed in on his nose. And yep, it's his nose alright.

In the his past dramas, "unstoppable high kick season 1", "Lady Castle", "the return on Iljimae" and even "49 days", his nose was super prominent. It's big, but i must say, sits so well on his pretty face. His nose is the highlight of his face. The fact that his nose is so ruler straight and high, the "bigness" of it brought the nose out. It stood out to me the minute i laid eyes on him. And for his role as Scheduler in "49 Days", he lost plenty of weight and that made his nose even more prominent and bigger. I really really like his nose and thinks it is just perfect with a capital "P".

In Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, there is a very minor difference and may even go unnoticed to the naked eye. But it bothered me.His tall and straight and prominent big nose has been reduced in size and the bridge is also narrower. The Nose is now smaller, less prominent and no longer can be classified as "big".

Alas, i much prefer the big nose, and the prominence of it. It's indeed a very subtle change and perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me, but Jung Il Woo's nose is smaller now and less protruding. It's quite obvious to me as i played back some episodes of "49 days" and compared it with "flower boy ramyun shop".

Here's a pic of him in Aug 2011, and it may look like his nose is recovering from surgery perhaps??

Hehehe, maybe i'm just being picky that's all.

Jung Il Woo's still good looking , hopefully he won't do anything to his pretty face and become "feminine".


  1. I don't think he's that goodlooking or pretty. Real pretty boys are like No Min Woo or Jaejoong. Jung Il Woo's squinty small eyes and try to act sexy attitude is ugly.

  2. hi aurora, oh really? guess ppl have different opinion. I still think he's pretty. But you are right, No min woo is a real pretty boy, too pretty.

  3. I remember saw his interview on arirang n he said that he frequently broke his nose during drama shooting n he said that should be a gud sign that the drama will be a hit haha
    maybe he broke the nose too much already? :P

  4. hi hydeusrey,
    haha, breaking the news is usually an "excuse" for plastic surgery.... or breaking anywhere else on the face or body for that matter.

  5. kays. people. if you arent going to say anything nice then just dont say anything. jung il woo is hot and does not try to act sexy Aurora. in fact fine even if he does all kpop stars do. i love girls generation but they try to act cute. is that a problem? NO.

  6. JUNG IL WOO is really pretty .. and I really like it when he smile ! soooo CUTE :D and I don't care what other people say about him .. he's still a good looking guy ! :)

  7. Jung Il Woo is cute~ maybe you shall watch his drama then you will realise he is really have a good looking especially his smile =)

  8. I think he's freakin' adorable-- and his personality makes him even more so. Especially when i watched Flower Boy Ramyun shop, at first I didn't find him super attractive but after I started watching it more he totally captivated me. He's an amazing actor, and does have an amazing smile.:-)

  9. Dear Aurora! I know everybody has different taste about what we all call "beauty", so if you don't like him, that's totally fine. However, I think it's really not nice of you to use the word "ugly". And I bet you won't like it too if someone use that "ugly" word to describe about someone you like. Please don't be so harsh! Thank you!

  10. He broke his nose during the shooting of 49 days. There was an article about it which clearly showed that he had a bruise in his nose. Apparently he had a crack on his nose. So, I guess when he got it fixed he also did some touching up...

  11. Actuallly, most of the fans don't mind whether their idols got plastic surgery or not. So, if he done any plastic surgery to make him more handsome is ok because he just want himself to be more handsome. This is not a wrong thing

  12. jung li woo looks so sexy and devonair, but his acting is so gay, but overall i still like him, first time ive seen a korean guy whos so good looking, i hope to see him in the future, if not even in my dream, that would be so lovely, oh wait, i think im in love with jung li woo now....i love how he kiss, so passionate!

  13. My 15 year old daughter adores jung il woo and lee min ho. Instead of going for 1 direction or justin bieber since she's born in the US, she spends time watching kpop stars in netflix/you tube and she's not even korean :)It would be amazing if these 2 good looking guys will find time to visit the US(LA) too for an event so she'll have the chance to meet up with them.

  14. 4 words i luv jung il woo and dont give a fuck how he gets his good looks all i know is that he is perfect ;p

  15. Aurora... I have a strong feeling that your No Min Woo and Jaejoong, are gay...Yes, they are pretty boys for you, but did you found out that they act like a feminine? I already saw them in person and thats what I notice..I'm waiting for them to get out of the closet..

    You know Aurora? Before you judge my Jung Il Woo and called him as ugly, make sure that you and your gay idols No Min Wo and Jaejoong are perfect. If you keep saying some bad things about Jung Il Woo, then I'm goingnto return it to your idols..

    I love Jung Il Woo because he such a great guy in person, he is very handsome and very kind, he treat his fans very well, he had a good attitude, he is a real guy he is not afraid in facing a challenge being a man.

    unlike your no min woo and jaejoong very veyr very GAY! hahaha!

  16. Jung Il Woo is awesomely dashing! Love his charming smile.. ;)