Dec 17, 2011

Korean skin care review: History of Whoo HwanYu Go

History of Whoo's most prestigious and highly luxurious line of skin care; Hwanyu line.

Consists of three products:
Hwanyu Cream,
Hwanyu Essence and
 Hwanyu eye cream

From LG's website:

Hwanyu  line is a product line created through a three-year joint study of Oriental medicinal materials and blending technologies conducted by researchers at the LG Life Science Research Center, professors of Oriental medicine and a group of Oriental medicine practitioners.

The line contains some sixty Oriental medicinal ingredients, including the rare snow lotus. It helps to regulate the skin’s metabolism and rejuvenates skin to make it bright and radiant.

Hwanyugo means “return to the skin of youth,” A blend of over 60 kinds of Oriental medicinal ingredients, including snow lotus, which blossoms only every seven years, 35-year-old wild ginseng harvested in the deep valleys of Gangwon Province, Siberian young antlers and dongchunghacho, regulates the skin’s metabolism and maintains its balance.

Snow lotus, a rare plant, is considered a very valuable Oriental medicinal plant because it is found only in the Xinjiang Uighur region of Tibet and in the Himalayas and can be gathered only in July and August when the flowers have bloomed. It is blended with 60 different Oriental medicinal ingredients and featured as a key ingredient in the premium cream that restores health and youth to one’s skin. 

Only 35-year-old wild ginseng – known as an herb of eternal youth for Emperor Shi Huang of Qin of China - collected in the wild valleys of Gangwon Province will be used to enhance the skin’s defensive mechanism and improve a wilting appearance. Wild ginseng also repairs dry skin that lacks vitality and nourishes aged skin. 

Given that this is the highest-priced product introduced by LG H&H, only about 10,000 products will be sold annually targeting a limited number of VIP customers, including famous figures desiring the finest quality premium cosmetics. 

Various Oriental medicinal ingredients such as dongchunghacho, reishi mushroom, pine mushroom and fleece flower root work together to improve the skin’s metabolism and create more radiant and firm-looking skin.

The design of the vessel for WHOO Hwanyugo Cream was inspired by a traditional Korean earthenware jar. Metalwork has been used to engrave a Chinese phoenix in its lid. The image of a Chinese phoenix soaring high with its wings fully extended, clutching a cintamani (a magical jewel) under its chin was borrowed from an ancient gilt bronze incense burner from the Baekjae Dynasty, national treasure no. 287, to symbolize the gracefulness and prestige of the premium cream. 

Jin-seok Kim, manager of the WHOO BM team at LG H&H, said, “Based on professional and scientific efficacy, it embodies the value of the finest quality premium cosmetic in Korea. Through first-rate marketing and product quality targeting a limited number of specific customers, the brand’s value will be enhanced by its scarcity.” 

The hwanyugo or hwanyu cream sells for 60 ml, 680,000 won!! Talk about expensive!

From the whoo website:
We extracted ingredients of 'Gihyeoljeong' which are the key materials of Hwanyu and about seventy ingredients of traditional Oriental medicine as if we boil down the best medicine. Such ingredients will remove complex trace of time on your skin because they were compounded through principle of "Masters and Servants". which controls the essence inside and outside of the skin and enhances the efficacy of medicines, and removes toxin and makes such ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.

My experience:
A very luxurious cream that smooths on like silk! i really really love the texture and the smell/scent is heavenly! No perfumes or odd artificial fragrance, just an oriental herb scent that is very relaxing. I find inhaling it while smoothing it on clears and relieves the mind. It's like aromatherapy, soothing.
Just a small amount will suffice. I usually use half a pearl's size or even less; but that's because the cream is just too precious, too scarce, and too darn expensive!
However, i find that because it is so potent, that little bit is more than enough to nourish the skin. Too much and one might find yourself breaking out in no time.
This cream is highly soothing to my sensitive skin and at any time i feel like a dry draught i smooth a little on and voila! It instantly soothes and calms my skin. My skin tends to get irritated with bumps and itchiness whenever there is a dry spell. This is a skin saviour literally.
I can feel my skin drinking in the luxury of a silk river, and in a few minutes while the cream sinks in, my itchiness and sometimes "raw" feeling, is toned down. By the next morning, my skin is back to being nice and soft.
Sometimes, when my skin is particularly stubborn and highly irritated, it takes about 2-4 days using the hwayugo for it to calm down.
This stuff is potent!! and deserves HG status for my sensitive skin.
Well, if you use it long enough on a daily basis, it promises to take 10 years off your skin!! Astounding!

However, i cannot afford the luxury of using it everyday and thus, not able to reap the highly raved anti aging benefits of this potent and scarce cream............ what a pity!
I only use it on an occasional basis whenever irritation rears up. It's my SOS.

Do note that I have sample sizes of this cream, not the full size. I also have the essence and eye cream in samples sizes, both of which i have also used.

Since its hot and humid in my country, i only use either the cream or the essence alone, and never both together, it's just too much for my skin to handle.

The essence works just as well as the cream except it is less creamy. Sometimes i prefer to use the essence when my skin is oilier, other times i normally have preference for the cream.

Tip: Since i only use very little each time, warm that little bit between your fingers and let it melt. Then pat the melted cream on your face. I usually dab at the areas that need nourishment/soothing most and then i try to spread it out over my face by sweeping my hands over my skin and lastly, cup your hands over your face to promote absorption. The scent is very relaxing.
If there is any left, dab it under your eyes where wrinkles are prone!

Highly recommended for those who can afford it and i am absolutely 101% sure of its anti aging benefits. Will it erase 10 years from your skin? well, maybe not 10, but i'm sure it'll do wonders for your skin!

Rating: 10/10!


  1. good sharing.
    may i know how much is the eye cream? and how do you think between Woo HwanYu and Soo Chunsam Sanghwang Eye cream? Seems they both are under same company.

  2. hi perfume,
    the hwanyugo eye cream is retailing for 500plus wons or so.
    i don't really enjoy the Soo Chunsam Sanghwang Eye cream.i much prefer whoo's hwanyu range. The soo chunsam range feels rather strange on my face. It pulls and leaves a greasy feel after a while.