Dec 4, 2011

Gmarket haul 14

The Box:

Bought some make up stuff from Blooming Ocean:

Blooming Ocean Multi Powder Pact:
Their brand of compact powder with spf50PA+++. Comes in a blue container complete with puff and an extra as well.
Shade #2 i chose and even this was very fair.

Blooming Ocean shimmering booster base, spf 34PA++

shimmers, moisturize and boosts the look of dullness. With 100% alaska glacial waters.
It also contains anti wrinkle and whitening ingredients.

Blooming Ocean Mild sun Milk SPF29PA++

This is a non-chemical sunscreen with 100% alaska glacial waters and again with anti wrinkle and whitening properties. I bought this looking at the description. Since i have sensitive skin, a mild and non-chemical sunscreen would be good.

Blooming Ocean Cashmere Touch bb cream spf27Pa++
comes in 2 shades , 1 and 2. I got No.2 which was still very fair.

Very soft and light touch bb cream with 100% alaska glacial waters with anti-wrinkle and whitening properties.

Flower Eglips lipstick in #25.

This is a very pretty orangey tinted red lipstick and its perfect for the Korean bare lip look! Just dab some on the centre of the lips, slightly blend out and your lips will look so naturally strawberry-kissed!
However, this lipstick has glitter in it.

Some full sized free gifts from the seller.
Blooming Ocean Matifying Sun Primer SPF34PA++ in two Shades No.1 and 2, full cover blendable BB cream spf37PA++ in no. 1, Honeyed lip gloss in ivory.
Note: The matifying sun primer is an oil control sun cream, the Full cover BB cream has glitter in it and the shade given is very fair (not for me). The honeyed lip gloss is also full of glitter, it's pretty good as a free gift.

Konjac Sponges for general cleaning. I use it on my face and it can be used on the body as well.

Terra.P Lifting Solution Firming Up Mask, wash off type.

It's a gooey texture like liquid gum. Milky white in colour.
It comes with a spatula for scooping out the mask. This stuff is pretty good. It does give the face a "lifted" and "firmed" feel and it hydrates pretty well. Overall, am happy with this mask. The only complaint is the texture. Messy to handle as it's like honey, which leaves hands, spatula and tub with a sticky gooey mess.

The Saem Chaga Fermentation Liposome 100 Serum:

Formulated with fermented mushroom extract (chaga) as the base, this serum boasts excellent antioxidant power! This is the full size serum and it comes in this heavy pump dispenser bottle 80ml.

The Saem Dr. Beauty Cell Repair special set.
Comes with Cell repair cream and a tube of eye cream.

A large tub with gold cap. 50ml.

The texture of the cream is like heavy creamy yellow coloured butter. It does leave the skin slightly greasier than normal. I would not recommend this to oily skin types. The scent is also heavily fragrant.

The eye cream, with EFG and snail complex. 20ml tube.
This has the exact some heavy fragrance as the cream, same yellowish colour, but the texture is much less heavy and easier to spread and absorb.

Free make up zipper bag from The Saem.

With some little samples sized freebies in it:

Nature Republic Hibiscus 3D firming tox essence:

Comes in a pretty purple bottle.

Ohui's intensive sunblock cake spf50.
I bought a sample size to try.

A white balm as seen in the pic below:
 Overall, this cake is pretty good. Does not aggravate my sensitive skin and impart a "whitening" effect to the skin without being too cakey and downright white. Nice.

DHC stuff: Platinum silver Nanocolloid cream, lotion and essence in sample packs.

20 packs of Coenzyme Q10 natural essence mask sheets.
In my opinion, after using a number of korean mask sheets (even the free ones from sellers), this is the worst of the lot. For me, it deserves to be in the trash can.

This mask irritates my skin and leaves it bumpy and itchy! And i'm stuck with 20 of these!

VOV's Daily Fresh wash off pack:

I bought the wrong ones, as i thought these were sheet masks. I was so surprised to open one and gooey stuff comes out. Oh dear, i much prefer sheet masks in such packaging than wash off masks. It's difficult to store the unused portion for the next usage.

A freebie mask sheet:


  1. im planning on trying the bb cream's either of those, and not sure which one to try. which one would you recommend ? or you thought was better to use ? :)

  2. hi there,
    so far, i didn't really like them as they bothered my sensitive skin. If you have normal skin, you can give it a go.